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8 How Sleeping On an Old Mattress Will Make You Sick

Quality sleep has a significant impact on overall well being. Sleep matters a lot and its quality depends on mattress quality. This makes it essential to realize the importance of replacing your mattress periodically. Don’t let the price tag bar you from acquiring a new mattress. It comes with significant long-term returns. Sleeping on an old mattress isn’t a good idea for its negative impact on sleep quality. Read on to discover these 8 ways how sleeping on an old mattress will make you sick.

Increased stress

Do you regularly feel stressed? This might be caused by various issues including work environment and health issues. In addition, there’s a possibility that your old mattress might be responsible for the stress too. There’s a significant difference between sleeping on a new mattress and an old one. Sleeping on an old mattress directly contributes to stress by promoting back pain. Additionally, poor sleep quality from sleeping on a worn out mattress is irritating and increases cortisol in the body. This stress hormone promotes an increase in heart rate and high blood pressure.

Frequent allergies

An old mattress is usually a habitat for dust mites and bed bugs that feed on dead cells shed by the body. Apart from allergies, these creatures promote skin problems including eczema and respiratory issues. These cause lung damage and sore throat. Additionally, irritation of airways by dust mites promotes snoring making breathing harder.

Preventing these allergies requires washing the sheets and pillowcases in hot water. Alternatively, vacuuming the sheets and pillowcases regularly might also be a solution. A recommended idea is to buy a new bed mattress and allergy proof sleep cover. This is necessary when you’ve been sleeping on your current mattress for about 6 to 8 years. Removing the old mattress protects you from becoming a daily meal to bedbugs.

Severe back pain

Sleeping on an old mattress escalates back pain and inhibits you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. Periodic replacement of a mattress significantly lessens chances of back pain. Investing in a firm foam mattress will protect you from back pain compared to a worn out soft mattress. You can lessen lower back pain more by sleeping on the side with a pillow between the knees.

Snoring during sleep

Does your partner complain about your regular snoring during sleep? Well, this might be resulting from that old mattress you neglected to replace. An old mattress doesn’t support the body properly putting you under tension or having sunken tissues leading to snoring. Since a mattress takes the shape of the sleeper, an old mattress makes blockage of airways easier. Apart from making sleep uncomfortable for your sleep partner, sleep has the potential to become fatal.

Inhibiting weight loss goals

Poor sleep quality encourages overeating and binge eating. Continued sleeping on a worn out mattress is a significant cause of weight gain and promotion of faulty eating patterns. When you fail to catch sleep at night, there’s a high possibility of grabbing a snack. This significantly limits the fulfillment of weight loss goals.

Deteriorating heart

Sleep deprivation puts a toll on the heart. Not having enough sleep puts you at risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease regardless of your weight, age, exercise habit, and smoking. It’s very important to get enough sleep to avoid disrupting underlying health conditions. Quality sleep promotes biological processes including inflammation, glucose metabolism, and blood pressure.

Memory impairment

Do you suffer from poor memory lately? It might be resulting from sleep deprivation that comes from sleeping on a worn out mattress. During deep sleep, memories are formed. Inability to go into REM sleep means the brain fails to form memories. This significantly leads to memory impairment and forgetfulness especially in the elderly.

Weak immune system

According to Mayo Clinic, sleep deprivation has a significant effect on the immune system. You’re more likely to become sick on exposure to viruses leading to illnesses such as the common cold. With a weak immune system, you’re likely to take longer to heal. Quality sleep allows the production of cytokines that fight inflammation and infection.

Bottom line

There’s more to having quality sleep that preventing the health conditions shared above. To ensure that you enjoy better sleep, it’s highly recommended to invest in a new mattress to improve your life.

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