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5 Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Indeed carpets are one of the most intriguing decor components, and they have many benefits over regular flooring. They are child-proof, they don’t let the floor get stained, they protect wooden flooring from getting moisture and they also give a comforting feel to people walking barefoot on the floor.

People often have the misconception that carpet cleaning and stain removal bring along many other problems. These misconceptions may be right sometimes, but not every time. These misconceptions cause misjudgments which can prove really harmful for the carpet. Some of the misconceptions regarding carpet cleaning are-

1. Cleaning leads to soiling of carpets

Sometimes due to the previous error of a person or a cleaning service company, cleaning often leads to soiling and dirt accumulation of carpet. This also creates mistrust towards the cleaning companies. This is not completely true. If a carpet is cleaned in the proper way under the guidance of professionals or by the professionals, it stays clean for a long period of time.

Cleaned carpet doesn’t allow the dirt and allergens to rest on the carpets. This leads to less soiling as compared to a dirty one.

2. Steam cleaning can cause moulds and bad odour

Often considered one of the best carpet cleaning method, steam cleaning not only cleans the carpet but also gets rid of the stains on it. Steam cleaning can though leave wet carpets in its wake. But that doesn’t apply it will create moulds on it.

Moulds are generally formed when a fabric remains wet for more than 2-3 days. Proper steam cleaning by professionals followed by drying prevents this misconception.

3. Dry cleaning is the best method

Dry cleaning is often considered the best carpet cleaning method. It can be termed to be the best tool if executed properly and on necessary items. Dry cleaning is an expensive process including volatile petrochemicals like petroleum and kerosene. It uses the volatile property to get rid of the dirt from the carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning though takes time to be executed and dried, but it’s the most natural carpet cleaning method one can find. Also since it’s quite inexpensive and affordable, unlike dry cleaning which can cost a fortune for a session.

4. Steam cleaning shrinks carpet fibers

Steam cleaning is one of the finest carpet cleaning methods around, rendered completely green and helps in removing stain too. There is a misconception that steam cleaning shrinks the carpet, which is a completely wrong notion. This shrinking depends on the nature of carpet fiber, the woven style among others.

5. Neither cheap nor expensive

Sometimes this misconception is caused by the cost of the carpet cleaning service. If the cheap one if bad or the most expensive one is best. The cost of the carpet doesn’t decide if it will be cleaned or not, but the cleaner does. With this statement backed by professionals, the cost doesn’t define the type of service you will get. Sometimes in a company even at high costs, you won’t get satisfied, while at a small company a good servicing can be done at a low cost. Thus before buying any service, one must read the reviews about it, to create a good conception about the services.

Now this stain removal process and this whole mattress cleaning method can be very stressful sometimes. You can rely on the professionals from SK Cleaning Services active in Pakenham who are just a call away from you. They are backed by hundreds of happily satisfied customers and households, which is very cost-effective and providing a full-fledged Carpet Cleaning Pakenham service to you, leaving behind good service, not stains.

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