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Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets can get really dirty if you do not take proper care of them. Proper care and better cleaning methods will ensure you get the most out of them.

Maintaining your carpets on a regular basis increases the life of the carpet along with making it cleaner and healthier for everyday living. Here is a list of the best carpet cleaning methods for your plush beautiful carpets.

1. Determine your carpet type

Before you start the cleaning process of the carpets at home, you need to know the type of your carpet. Different types of carpet fibers involve the use of different cleaning materials. You cannot use just anything on any kind of stuff. You need to be specific about it. Whether you prefer to make cleaning solution at home or you wish to buy chemicals for it, you should know the carpet type. Also, the cleaning method does demand this information too.

2. Frequent vacuuming

But before the step of using any cleaning solution, you need to be regular in using the vacuum cleaner for the carpets. This ensures that dirt particles do not get piled up in the carpet’s fiber. Consequently it reduces the efforts of cleaning it, even if gets stained.

Once you know what your carpet is made of, you can start with the cleaning process. There are two types of solutions for the safety of the carpets. You can either use the homemade mixtures or you can try the carpet cleaning chemicals available in the market.

3. Homemade carpet cleaning solutions and carpet shampoo

Homemade remedies include making use of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, pre-washing laundry detergent, dish wash soap and the like. You can use such mixtures to remove light stains on the carpets. You can also use these homemade solutions for everyday cleaning of the carpet.

4. Commercial carpet cleaning agents and carpet shampoo

Besides homemade carpet cleaning aids, there are many carpet cleaning solutions available from supermarkets and hardware stores. However, you should be aware of its usage and use it as per the instructions. Additionally, you should follow the guidelines about How to clean your Carpet provided to you by the carpet manufacturer.

5. Common carpet cleaning methods

The two common carpet cleaning methods include hot water extraction (steam cleaning system) and dry extraction methods. Now, the choice of either of these methods depends on the type of carpet you have. You cannot use the hot water extraction method for a wool carpet, as this may spoil the wool. For this type, you should use the dry extraction method. This method involves application of certain chemicals without making use of water. Once the powder or the foam sets, a vacuum is used to suck the dirt along with the detergent, leaving the carpet clean and beautiful again.

Hot water extraction method, on the other hand, makes use of hot water. It is based on the phenomenon that the dirt particles are brought to the surface first and then cleaned up. A solution is first sprayed onto the carpet and then is sucked by the vacuum cleaner.

In case, you find these methods complicated, you can hire Brisbane carpet cleaners for your luxurious carpets.

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