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How to Steam Clean The Carpet at Home

If you completely want to remove dirt and debris from your carpets then steam cleaning would be the perfect option for you. But for that matter you should have a steam cleaning equipment, soap and water available with you.

Best time to steam clean the carpet is when the weather is warm and dry. It is also fundamental to clean the room thoroughly by vacuuming prior to steam cleaning. In case you are doubtful about the steam cleaning process then you seek help from a professional carpet cleaning service providers.

Steps To Steam Clean The Carpet

* Step 1 - Move Out Your Furniture: Steam cleaning will only work effectively when you have removed all the furniture and other objects out from the room. Make the area completely clear of your furnishing objects.

* Step 2 - Clean The Baseboards: Before steam cleaning it is important to clean the dirt from baseboards because these dirt particles can get stuck inside the steam cleaning tool and cause troubles.

* Step 3 - Vacuum The Carpet Thoroughly: Vacuuming is really essential for the steam cleaning process. It helps to eliminate all the dirt and debris from the carpet. For better results you can vacuum the carpet twice

* Step 4 - Fill The Steam Cleaner With Lukewarm Water: Put only the required amount of water in the steam cleaning machine and make sure you do not boil the water to a huge degree.

* Step 5 - Put Soap In The Machine: Follow the instructions carefully and put only the required amount of soap into it.

* Step 6 - Mix Vinegar In Machine As Well: Rather than using detergent you can mix vinegar in the machine for effective results.

* Step 7 - Steam Clean The Entire Carpet: Begin with high-traffic areas like door entrance and corners of the room. Follow the instructions and pull the machines as directed. Steam cleaners release hot water on the carpet and then immediately absorb the dirty water from the carpet.

* Step 8 - Run The Steam Cleaning Machine Slowly: Steam cleaning machine works slowly than a vacuum cleaner. Do not run the machine too fast and run slow for effective results.

* Step 9 - Let The Carpet Dry Completely: Some carpets take 6 to 7 hours to get dry and some take 10 to 12 hours. Remember to not walk on the carpet after you are done with the process. And let the carpet wholly dry.

How Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Can Help?

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning has been providing the best carpet cleaning services to all across Adelaide for more than 2 decades. We work with our full dedication and provide merely the best results to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our main responsibility. You can avail carpet steam cleaning services at reasonable costs of Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. Our professionals have all the latest and top-notch cleaning equipment for best results. So call us and book our services today. We are available on weekends too.

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