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In Which Season Do Pests Breed the Most?

Every season has different pests to breed. It is not limited to the rainy season these days. Ever warm and humid environment welcomes pests. There is a long list of pests that can be seen in different kinds of seasons. One can say that every season has its pests. But there is nothing to worry about, in today’s time, there are various types of techniques that can help a layman to get rid of these pests. There are harmful effects of such pests and one needs to deal with them in case they do not opt for professional pest control service. Home-remedies work but up to a certain extent only. For a long time, relief, one needs to choose for professional help.

Season-Wise Listing of Pests

Pests can be seen during every season, just the quantity varies. The type of pests that can be seen over the seasons are as follows:


Mosquitoes: Heavy rains can create a humid environment that is perfect for mosquitoes to breed. It is the peak season in which mosquitoes multiply in number due to the perfect environment to grow. Mosquitoes grow in water; the rainy season provides ample water and space to increase in number.

Flies: Spring season is all about the blossoming of flowers and fruits. Alike it is the best season for them to mature. They are attracted by the food choices that human beings made and prefer sweet foods.

Termite: The season in which termites' mate and build their colony, is spring season. This is their starting point to get into your wooden furniture and start exploiting it. Termites exploit the most and should be monitored closely in a household.

Ants: The evergreen pest that can only be hidden during the winter season are ants. They have their breeding time during the spring season and are seen contaminating the food, especially the one with sugar content.

Spider: Ever notice the web, it has its food and place to multiply in number. Wherever is the web will be a spider. Spring season is the one which provides spider the most amount of food content and it becomes its season to breed and grow in number.

Bugs: Bugs that are only seen in the rainy season are of many varieties. They have an unpleasant smell, even a single touch can leave that smell for a long period. These bugs get attracted to the lights and bulbs of the house. One can easily see a colony of such bugs that are only seen in this season. They spread maximum diseases and need to be controlled.

Stinging insects: Insects that sting is poisonous and can leave big bumps on the place where they marked a sting. They are not life-threatening but needs medication in some cases due to the allergic reaction to the sting.


Termites: They are considered to be active in summers and they cause maximum damage to the wood in this particular season. They need to be controlled and closely monitored in the summer season.

Ants: Ants are seen building big colonies during the summer season. They come out of their nest and collect food and start preparing for the upcoming timing of the year. Ants maximize in number during the summer season and are fully active. They cause maximum damage in the summer season to the food and grains. If you will leave a single food item without being covered, the next day you will discover a colony of ants exploring your food.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes bites are common during the summer season and it is that season in which they can suck maximum blood out of every body part of a human being. One needs to be cautious enough to be protected from such bites.

Flies: Flies reflect dirt and accumulated garbage; summer season invites them to prepare for their favorite season spring. Flies are seen the most in the summer season, not as much as we can see them in spring. But they multiply in the summer season.

Stinging insects: Stinging insects such as bees and bugs can cause infection among human beings. The summer season allows them to be active enough.


Rodent: Rodent is seen mostly in fall as they are preparing themselves for collecting food items. It is that time of the year in which such mammals are seen exploring the surroundings after summer and spring season.

Cockroaches: They are the reason for food poisoning among human beings. They infect the food items the most during fall. They are most active during this season and can even be seen flying around. They reach their maturity in the fall season.

How to Get Away From the Harmful Effects of Such Pests?

It is quite simple, just believe in professional help. Expert pests control services provide maximum benefit in every season that is described above. Pest control services are provided in variety, they offer products, consultation, an appointment with an expert. The only service that is the ultimate solution to every problem.

Hire an Expert For Pest Control Services

We at Masters Pest Control Melbourne offers a variety of services for controlling pests. The packages are formed as per the requirement of the client. There are a variety of services that will completely treat this issue. We believe in long term commitment and we aim to build relationships forever. We will help you out in every practical way and would make your house a pest-free place to live. We ensure every precaution is taken by the expert to minimize the impact of the products being used for the removal of pests from the house completely. Every aspect of the house is monitored and ensured to become pest free after our visit and providing service. Just a call away to be at your door.

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