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Organic pest control - Less dangerous and highly effective

The aim of organic pesticides for organic garden pest control is to employ a safe method to protect your garden and crops from and other animals that can cause significant damage. Examples of harmful pests include slugs, snails, caterpillars, mice and rabbits. Controlling the impact of such creatures does not have to involve needlessly killing them. Organic pest control recipes can be found in organic gardening books and on websites that focus on natural gardening practices.

Can Organic Pesticides be Toxic?

Some organic pesticides can be more toxic than their chemical-based counterparts. The fact that these pest control products are made of organic ingredients does not mean that they cannot be harmful to you or to your pets or to beneficial insects you want in your garden like honeybees. Always treat natural pesticides with the same care and respect you would accord synthetic, chemical-based substances and only use them as per instructed.

The Purpose of Organic Pest Control

Organic methods for pest control have been developed as a less harmful means of dealing with the creatures that naturally come to feed on your garden. Most of the products are aimed at repelling, not killing these life forms. The basic principle of organic methods is that every natural problem has a natural antidote. The approach respects the natural order and does not introduce artificial substances into the environment.

Things to Consider

Always be sure you understand the exact kind of pest with which you are working so you can determine if organic methods will control or deter its activities. Research methods by the insect you are attempting to target. In addition to powders and sprays, you may find you can place combinations of plants in proximity to deter insect activity or actually introduce beneficial insects into your garden to drive away the unwanted pests.

Organic Pest Control Methods

It can be difficult to choose the right product for you and your pest problem. Ask advice at your local garden center and talk to fellow gardeners. There are plenty of forums on the Internet where organic gardeners share their tips and knowledge. Examples of different types of organic outdoor pest control methods are:

Biological Control Methods

Many organic methods for pest control in Brisbane are based on the concept of biodiversity. This means that most organic gardeners believe that there are plenty of species of animals and insects in the natural world to get rid of pests in a natural way. An example of exceptionally successful organic outdoor pest control is the fact that more and more farmers use ladybugs to control lice pests and green fly problems on plants, flowers and vegetables. The lice are eaten by the insects, keeping vegetables clean and healthy without the use of any chemicals.

Natural Pesticides

Natural pesticides are remedies for organic pest control made of organic ingredients. Natural pesticides can be concoctions such as nettle sprays made of nettle plants soaked in water for a long period of time after which the water can be used to spray on plants to get rid of bug and caterpillars.

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