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In order for linkbuilding to be declared successful, there are a few crucial tactics one has to properly implement. One of them is the use of giveaways in social media contests.

A good example of such a contest is the SEO Contest uWelcome2019.

The use of giveaways in social media contests is an almost immediate way to attract links from domains and authoritative sites. They are also a sure way to collect consumer data. This can be done by asking the consumers for their e-mail addresses and even their contacts. You could also ask them if they would like to receive product e-mails or newsletters from you in the near future.

Apart from the above two reasons, below are some other benefits of SEO contests.

• Brings in new traffic

When running a social media contest, your audience will see and share on their respective social media platforms. If there is a link to your website, there will be referral traffic and the likelihood of those people visiting your website again is high.

• Rewarding your current customer base

When you hold contests on your website, there is a high likelihood that your clientele are the ones who will be the first to benefit from it. This is a very critical step to ensure you maintain them

• Free crowdsourced photos

In case you are going for a photo contest, it will be a great opportunity for you to outsource photos depicting customer satisfaction. With the right terms and conditions, you could ask customers to upload to the website their pictures holding or using some of your products. You can then use these pictures to advertise and market your website.

• Engaging customers

The occasional newsletter that is sent to your clients’ e-mail is no longer enough to keep your clients engaged. Having a contest where both clients and company owners are interacting, is a sure way to promote active engagement.

• Increases conversion rates

In a website-based SEO contest, you could make use of a call to action (CTA). This CTA could ask customers to purchase one or two of your products and services and may they be rewarded in some type of way. This ensures an increase in conversion rates.


When deciding on what prizes to give your customers, making sure you get attractive prizes without harming your bottom line is crucial. This will come at an advantage for people whose profit margins are high.

You could also consider having priceless gifts. If you are in the music industry, instead of giving your winners a ticket to their favorite’s musician’s concert, you could gift them with having a one on one 10 minute interaction with their favorite artist and have a signed autograph. The latter is priceless.

It would also be wise to seek partnership. This is especially crucial for business owners with a limited following. Pitch to well-known brands and have them partner with you. This will ensure you get more exposure, more website traffic and more exceptional gifts courtesy of your partners.

If you also do not have such an investment to make on online SEO contest, you could look for other people in your industry who are conducting these SEO contests and offer a few other additional prizes in return for backlinks.


After you have met all the requirements in regards to the contest’s rules and regulations, make sure you get listed. Look for other sites you can send you competition to. A piece of small advice I can give is to make sure you are listed in a site that is primarily for your region.

It is also critical to send your competition application a few weeks before the commencement of the contest. Some sites may have some delays in publishing and that is why it is advised to do early submissions. Also, make sure you carefully read the instructions and restrictions in those sites to avoid being penalized or worse, disqualified.

You could also send the competition details to bloggers and other Twitter users you have faith in. They can help you put a word out there that you have a contest.

Also, make sure your affiliates are able to include their tracking codes into the contests’ entry URL. This will ensure you spread awareness to places you would have never reached on your own.

Creating a short video primer showcasing prizes to be won could also help. Videos are easily sharable on all social media platforms.

After the word is out there and people have started logging on to the website, make sure you have a call to action asking people to share far and wide.

In conclusion, social media contests are only as good as the effort you put into them. It is therefore up to you step up your game in order to reap the full benefits of SEO contests.

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