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Things to Keep In Mind When Hiring a Kosher Wedding Catering

There are many things to know when it comes to planning the perfect party. From music to decor to invitations, everything must be seamless, especially your catering service. And an excellent kosher wedding catering company should provide you with delicious food prepared with the most modern trends but still maintain traditional Jewish flavors.

• A kosher caterer should be able to understand your needs and desires. He should be able to transform your wishes into a memorable celebration that you will not forget for many years.

• The only way to validate whether the food of a kosher caterer is good or bad is through testimonials by other people. Before you hire a caterer to ask for references, call the people directly to make sure that the recommendations are real and not made up. Validation from other people is your only course of action. Don't rely on internet testimonials. They are usually fictitious.

• You may also have personal experiences with certain kosher caterers from functions you have attended and are thus able to form an opinion about the quality of their food.

Kosher Food

Also at a kosher wedding, the food must strictly be kosher, and wedding sites, halls, venues and locations where kosher isn't served an outside caterer will be hired to prepare the menu accordingly. A kosher kitchen will then be set up at the venue where the food will be prepared. Some stricter and larger kosher caterers will prepare all the food at their strictly kosher in-house catering facilities and then heat the food at the wedding venue in their portable ovens.

Who makes a kosher wedding?

Kosher weddings most often are made by orthodox Jews including, modern orthodox, Hassidic, yeshivas, and traditional. Quite often because of their religious or orthodox relatives, nonorthodox couples will also make a kosher wedding to accommodate their extended kosher and orthodox family. Here are a few guidelines to help you in your quest to choose the best kosher wedding catering company.

• When you think about the caterer, you should choose your venue, date, and time. Lots of venues will have a list of preferred catering companies that they will show you. Some venues will even need that you choose a caterer from their list. If this is the case, you do not want to waste time interviewing companies that you will not be able to use.

• Be sure that your desired catering service can accommodate any special requirements. Are there specific foods you need such as ethnic cuisines, kosher foods, or perhaps you have a favorite dish that just has to be served. Be sure that your caterer can meet your needs. If you've chosen a venue that requires you to choose one of their caterers, but they are unable to provide the type of food you need it's time negotiate with the venue or start looking for a new place.

• How many people will be attending? Before you can talk price, you need to give them an idea of how many people you will be feeding. Make a preliminary guest list. This isn't set in stone, but without a view of the headcount, your caterer will be unable to quote you pricing.

• Now it's time to set your budget. It's pretty easy to get a price per head. What total are you willing to spend? Take that number and divide by the number of people in your guest list. Your budget is probably pretty immovable; the guest list can be inflated or deflated as needed.

Some caterers will offer a complimentary tasting while others will charge. Either way does not show up with more people that have been discussed with the caterer. Tasting is expensive and time consuming for the caterer. Also, keep in mind that a tasting for the two of you is a lot different than preparing for a large crowd. So realize that the food in the tasting session will not always be a true representation of what they will do at the event.

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