The ultimate guide to choosing rings

The most preferred types of luxury fashion rings whenever we style our outfit will be the minimalist designs, which look very modern and elegant.

Very often we tend to choose to stack all of them together using one finger or distribute them to different fingers, but still keeping the over accessorized idea to complete our look.

When you have found the individual that you want to spend the others you will ever have with, congratulations! But before you spend the others of your life with her, you will need to ask her to marry you. The proposal is a special day you will both remember forever, and you will want to make it as memorable as possible. Not only for a good story - but to place your love on display for the individual you like. A well-planned, and personal proposal shows your lover that you are seriously interested in them as well as your relationship.

One of the main elements of your proposal is deciding on the best engagement ring. There are lots of variables that you need to consider before you get an gemstone. Additionally, there are many conditions associated with investing in a diamond people tend to be not really acquainted with initially. Understanding the cut, clarity and color of a ring is important and that means you know just what you are buying. With this thought, we have created an gemstone guide that includes everything that you are have to to know and consider when it comes to purchasing an gemstone.


That is going to be one thing you may need to select before you can even set foot in a charms store. Entering the store without a solid idea of what you would like to invest will leave you overwhelmed and confused. In the US in 2016, the common ring cost of an gemstone was $6,000. While that could seem like a lot of money for a ring, it'll be worth it when you start to see the look on your girlfriend’s face when she sees it. However, this doesn’t mean you’re locked into this amount. The ring you get can become more expensive or less costly than average depending on what it is possible to spend. There are a few beautiful rings that look more expensive than they are really and if you are with limited funds, you should consider a few of these options.

If you are setting your financial budget, you should set yourself lots that you don’t want to debate. Whether that is $3,000 or $10,000, you must have this number firmly in your thoughts so you don’t wrap up extra cash that you don’t have. Once you can the jeweler’s they'll be in a position to only demonstrate rings that are inside your price range.

For instance, you may well not want to choose the traditional diamond especially if you want to save lots of some cash. Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Opals are all great options for engagement rings. A couple of many other stones that you can choose from if you are wanting something other than a diamond.


Some men don’t bother to learn their girlfriend’s ring size before each goes gemstone shopping. Normally, this is a mistake. If you propose with a ring that your girlfriend can’t wear since it needs resizing, it can result in a very awkward moment during the proposal - particularly if it ends up being too small and you can’t even put it on her finger. This is actually the last thing that you will be going to want when proposing.

There are a few ways to determine her ring size. Easy and simple being to simply ask her. Most likely you have previously discussed the idea of marriage, so there’s nothing wrong with asking her ring size or even having her visit a jeweler’s to get sized. You can even try asking a member of her family or a pal her ring size if you don’t want to ask her yourself. Another option is locating a ring you know fits her and bringing to the jewelers with you.

Choosing The Ring

A couple of two ways to start choosing the ring - with your girlfriend’s input and without it. If your girlfriend is very particular in what she likes and there is absolutely no way of knowing if she'll or won’t such as a ring you select out, then you may want to take her to you at least to get her initial input. However, generally, so long as you have paid attention to your girlfriend, you ought to be able to find a ring that she'll love and never have to ask her for help. This will make your proposal that tiny bit more special since it signifies that you really can say for certain the woman that you will be purchasing the ring for.

Custom Made

When you have been shopping around but remain struggling to find the perfect ring and you also have the money to take action, you may want to consider getting a ring custom made. This way, you may make sure the ring is strictly how you want to buy, and you don’t have to settle for anything significantly less than perfection. In the event that you know that your girlfriend has her heart set on a certain type of ring that you haven't run into, you can understand this tailor made too.


There are a number of metals that you can choose from if you are taking a look at gemstone styles. The most frequent choices are gold, white gold, rose gold, silver and platinum. With each metal will come its strengths and weaknesses and it’s good to research your facts in advance and understand which is best for you.

Gold is a soft metal and will, therefore, be better to clean. However, at the same time, because gold is soft, it will wear out faster. Alternatively, platinum is a solid and durable metal meaning it will go longer, but it will also dull faster and can not be as easy as gold to recreate its shine.

However, your girlfriend likely cares more in what the ring appears like as opposed to the practicalities from it. So, if your girlfriend prefers silver or silver looking bands, white gold, silver or platinum is likely to be the way to go.

Quality ON THE Diamond

Now that you've chosen your band, you will need to take into account the diamonds or diamonds that 're going into the ring. Many folks have no idea choosing a good quality diamond, but that doesn’t mean you have to wrap up with an unhealthy quality diamond. To be able to choose a good quality diamond, you need to think about the 4 C’s. Here’s what you ought to know:

Cut - The cut of the diamond is the only part about the gemstone that's not determined naturally. A precious stone which has a good cut will have lots of sparkle. You should understand if the gemstone is well cut since it will reflect light in one facet to some other that can result in the sparkle the simple truth is. If the precious stone has been cut too deep or too shallow, it will leak light that will bring about a lackluster sparkle.

Clarity - Clarity is measured on a scale, Sl1 and Sl2 will mean that the naked eye cannot see any imperfections in the diamonds which is the number that you want to be looking at. The fewer imperfections that the precious stone has, a lot more clear and therefore, more expensive it'll be. The jeweler will most likely discuss the stone’s inclusions with you. These are little imperfections in the rock and the fewer of these that the precious stone has, the better.

Color - You may be surprised to discover that diamonds come in different colors. If you discover a diamond that is actually colorless, then this is very rare and will be extremely expensive. Diamond color is rated from D which is colorless, to Z which is a light yellow. Diamond color is going to be about preference, though traditionally people have a tendency to favor more colorless diamonds.

Carat - The bigger the carat, the more you will pay. If you get less carat diamond, you will often ask your jeweler to work with smaller diamonds around the guts diamond to provide it a more substantial appearance.


You also need to consider and choose the condition that you think your girlfriend will like best. Below are a few of the shapes that you can choose from:







The setting of the ring identifies just how that the precious stone is secured to the band. Again, the setting you select is going to be predicated on your girlfriend’s preferences and her style. Here are some of the popular choices people are buying right now:

The Tiffany Setting - Perhaps one of the most popular choices these days.

Eternity Band - Rather than an individual diamond, the ring has diamonds completely surrounding the band.

Pave - This setting has lots of diamonds located closely together.


An engagement ring is an enormous investment, so you’ll want to make sure that it's insured. You need to insure it against theft, loss and damage. There are many options that you can consider when insuring the engagement ring. You may get it insured under Homeowners or Renters insurance. If you're going to get this done, make sure you check the policy to see when it'll be covered. It is because almost all of these insurers is only going to pay if it was stolen or damaged by fire. Therefore your girlfriend loses it, it’s gone.

Or, you can purchase a replacement insurance coverage. These insurers can pay you for the market value of the ring. You will need to inform them what metal the band was, the four C’s of the diamonds or diamonds, the insurance provider can pay you the particular ring would be worth in those days.

Given that you have picked the perfect gemstone, it’s {time to|time for you to|time and energy to

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