Salvia Ashley

Pump up your career with the help of internet!

Sometimes we are just unable to decide which job to opt – what makes you tick? What can make you work for it with happiness and that too without having to get out of your comfort zone? So many questions keep popping into our heads whenever we graduate and think of the future.

I mean, yeah, okay, I have my degree but who is going to hire me? I don’t even have the experience, right?

So what to do?

The answer is simple – get a good internet connection (check uverse internet). Why? To make your own career at your own expenses – why do you have to go about letting someone boss you around when you can be your own boss and be the one man army?

Most importantly, you do not freaking have to depend on anyone at all. Plus, it’s good money too – without any investments as such. So just ask yourself – WHY NOT?

1. Virtual Assistant

2. Business Coach

3. Freelance Content Creator

4. eBay Store Owner

5. Singer/ Musician

6. Consultant

7. Affiliate Marketer

8. Social Media Influencer

9. Vlogger

10. Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Above are the position you work as online and actually make money out of them. They aren’t very difficult either all you need to do is search up the one that interests you the most and voila! Your journey as a vlogger or consultant or singer begins!!!!! Exciting, no?

Now you must be thinking but how and when would you get that window or opportunity that would take you as high in the online businesses as possible. Don’t worry, nothing ever comes easy. Do you know that all celebrities have to be internet famous to be famous at all?

Ever had the chance to see Justin Bieber’s ‘Never say never’? The documentary showcases how he got famous with time and precision – it took quite some time but internet really did help him – same would be your case.

However, a plus about the modern day … internet dependent world is that we have websites for all sorts of talents – take Reverbnation or Sound cloud, for instance. Omar Borkan Al Gala, Zeddie Little, Pietro Boselli and Irvin Randle are just a few names who got popularity overnight on internet. Then let’s not forgot the many vloggers and people like Logan Paul – all you need is passion, confidence and creativity to get you through it all.

Oh wait – you also need a good internet connection. Why?

Because you’re making your career on the internet and what happens to the employees who don’t have a good attendance at office? Yeah – exactly. You would get cut – you need to promote yourself not just over likes but also in a way that the google algorithm believes that your website is good enough to exist on the first few pages of SERP (search engine result pages). You can always learn a little bit of SEO and Content Marketing for your own self because you are your own brand!

The Article has been written by uverse 300 which offers cable services offered by AT&T Communications.

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