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How to Clean White Tennis Shoes

Mostly we all know that white shoes use in tennis. because white shoes give us a good look and look more stylish in tennis. But a common problem with white shoes that every little piece of dirt will be more noticeable. white tennis shoes to no longer appear white even you wear them in a single. If you want white shoes again, you must clean them regularly. Clean shoes are an irritation always us. But today we will tell you very easy methods to clean your white tennis shoes. Commonly white shoe dirt from little dirty things like dust mark, oil stain, and Grass stain. Don't worry about it. it's very easy to remove from all this dirt from your tennis shoes.

Followings are an easy and quick method to clean your White tennis shoes

Using baking soda

According to science Baking soda helps to break soil particles and we also need to remove dust stain from white shoes. So it's a quick solution to clean dirt from shoes. First of all mix baking soda in hot water for a minute.Here no need to Remove laces from shoes and drip shoes into it.waite for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes hung shoes with a trace in sunlight. sunlight gives helps them to shine and rapid dry Note: Don't Use this Method on the non-white shoe(as baking soda can discolor)

Using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

It's a very fastest and easy way to get clean white shoes. First, scrab shoes by a piece of paper or cloth and use a high-quality magic eraser. Just in 2 minute you will see shoes as brand new shoes. It's not so good but temporary helpful. Its also be helpful in How to fix scuffed leather shoes.

Using a brush applying chosen cleaning product

The brush is an essential part of any we need a soft brush for our teeth to avoid peeling as same we need to select a soft and comfortable brush, especially for white tennis shoes. Brushes can help scrub out the stains better than an ordinary cloth or paper. Use your chosen cleaning product by a soft brush to your shoes.

Using a washing machine

An oil stain is very hard to remove from the above methods. Therefore, we will use the washing machine method to clean white tennis shoes. We also know that it will damage the structure of a little bit. But on the other way, it will save our shoes from permanently disabling. • A washing machine • Liquid detergent • 3 tablespoons baking soda(Only For White Shoes) • Several towels • Shoes Brush Cleaner First of all, Mix Baking soda and water in an equal amount to make a paste. Remove laces from shoes and add towel into shoes it will be help from damaging the structure of shoes. Drip shoes into the mixed water and also remove the sole from inside shoes. Now switch on machine and Waite for 40 minutes Than Your Shoes will b ready for dry

We hope all the above methods will help you in cleaning your tennis shoes. Now you will able to clean your shoes fast and easily with the help of Stylesadviser. Our team always work to give you rare and useful techniques for all type of shoes like running shoes, snackers, Tennis shoes and wide feet shoes

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