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The feeling of playing on an online slot machine is indescribable. The adrenaline rush when a player sees the machine getting locked up, music playing in the background, and the lights flashing on the screen, it is the time when one lucks shines on a player. Every ardent casino player knows the feeling of winning a jackpot at online slot machines.

But the real question arises when the player is asked to pay taxes on their casino winnings. This is quite tricky and most of the players do not have proper knowledge about it. Gambling tax regulations are different in every country. It is illegal in various countries, whereas in some countries gambling taxes are legal. Depending on various situations, sometimes the gambling establishments or casinos have to pay the taxes on their profits. On the other hand, there are some situations where the individual is responsible to pay winning taxes.

These gambling taxes can be low and high both for players and casino operators.

Gambling taxes in various countries

The rules of gambling and related taxes are different in various countries. In situations where your real income is from gambling, you will be taxed for it. Otherwise, if gambling is not your profession you will be exempted from taxes. For example, in countries like Kenya or Ireland, players are not asked to pay taxes on their winning instead bookies have to pay taxes on their winnings.

Here are some of the countries who have a different set of rules and regulations of taxes on online slot machines:

•United Kingdom –the players or the residents of the UK are exempted from paying the taxes on their online slot machine winnings. The player is given the chance to keep the whole winning amount that he has won in Britain. Similarly, the players are not taxed on other online casino games as well. Whether you are winning £10 or £10 million while playing online slot machines, you can keep you winning without bothering about gambling taxes in the UK.

•Malta –this country is highly known for its love for gambling. However, the first Lotto Act in Malta came into existence in 1922. The gambling is done the regulations of lotteries and gaming authority. This gaming authority issues the licenses to both online casinos as well as land-based casinos. The licensing fee in Malta is around €46 000 and an additional percentage of 15 to 40percent of the casino’s gross turnover.

•Australia – the player is not taxed on their online slot machine winnings in Australia. The reason behind this is gambling is considered profession in this country, the profits from gambling are not considered as income but sheer luck and taxes are asked from casino operators and lottery organizations in Australia.

•New Zealand –the slot machine winnings in New Zealand are taxable. If it is not a profession of a player then it is considered as fun and the player can be excused from paying the gambling tax.


Taxation while gambling is an important aspect to understand. Therefore, every player from different parts of the world must be aware of the set rules and regulations of gambling taxes. This way you can enjoy new online slot sites uk 2020 more.

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