Best Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are gaining more popularity and they have become a favorite choice among professionals. But if you want to find the right one, it is not easy. The reason is obvious, because there are so many models to choose from. Before we go further, you may wonder why we need to buy an ultrawide monitor. Of course, if you are thinking about buying a new monitor, learning its benefits would help you a lot. So what are the benefits of using an ultrawide monitor?

Should You Buy It?

Let’s take a good look at the reason of using an ultrawide monitor. There are some situations when you need a little extra screen and it is very obvious that a regular monitor won’t fit your needs. When you are encountered with that type of situation, an ultrawide monitor will solve your problem. What makes this type monitor look different than other types? If you are a professional gamer, a regular monitor won’t fit your needs. Since a professional gamer wants to get the best experience when they are playing game, a regular one won’t be able to handle to deliver this kind of performance. Even for a creative professional, a regular monitor or 16:9 monitor is not an ideal choice. That’s when this monitor provides a nice solution for a professional gamer and creative professional.

What are the Differences?

The size is the main difference between ultrawide monitors and standard monitors. It also has a different aspect ratio where a standard monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9 while the wide monitor has an aspect ratio of 64:27. It is quite impressive, isn’t? If you still can’t imagine it, this monitor is really wide. Another interesting fact is that the monitor has a higher density of pixels which means that you can fit more video games, apps and also games. There is no need to switch from one app to another app.

Now, it is time to take a good look at some models out there where you can pick the best one based on your personal requirements.


LG 34UC87C Ultrawide Curved LED-lit Monitor

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This is the first model that we would like to explore more as we are looking for some good models out there. It offers an impressive viewing experience where you can watch sports, games and movies that come to life. Thanks to some features added from the use of 21:9 curved IPS screen which bring a different feeling when you are watching. Here are some impressive features which make LG 34UC87C look better than other similar models. Having response times which are shortened, now users can expect a better quality where they can watch the movie virtually from any angle. Another impressive feature is the color which has been improved too.

An Ideal Choice for Professional Photographers and Graphic Designers

Unlike standard monitors which don’t offer lots of features, LG 34UC87C wants to bring a different perspective where users are allowed to enjoy sharp quality picture. What you get is a number of different improvements designed for users who want more than just a standard monitor. Using almost 100 percent coverage of sRGB spectrum, the monitor provides a perfect situation for those who want to use it to access some programs such as Microsoft Excel as it can show 63 rows and 47 columns. You can also resize the window on your screen without facing some technical issues. Using a feature named 4-screen split, it is easy to improve the productivity when you want to resize the window. Thus, when you are resizing the window on the screen, the other windows will fit automatically. Dual Link Up is another feature that helps users when they want to connect two devices to the monitor and view them on the same screen simultaneously.

New Dimming Technology to Prevent Eye Fatigue

New dimming technology looks very helpful as it can prevent eye fatigue. This feature works by minimizing the flicker level which can cause eye fatigue. Since looking in front of the computer for a long period of time can cause some health issues, LG 34UC87C handles this issue by providing this technology to the users. This almost zero flicker technology has been certified by TUV.

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LG 34UM68-P

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LG is one of the best brands in the world, known for its quality to product high-quality monitors. Among some products released by LG, LG 34UM68-P is one of them. With some amazing features used, LG 34UM68-P delivers high-quality results, something that you have never imagined before. Take a good look at this feature, using 21:9 IPS display, the quality is great. Now, you can watch movies or play games and enjoy the quality with a higher level. View the movie from any angle and everyone would agree that it looks more detailed.

Highly Accurate Color

Using sRGB which is almost 99%, LG 34UM68-P can deliver highly accurate color thus it is very suitable for professional gamers and professionals looking for the best ultrawide monitor. The availability of on-screen color makes it very easy if you want to adjust the monitor settings. Simply click with the mouse and you can change some settings such as the monitor layout, resize the window or display multiple windows. It also offers Free Synch technology, a new feature which works by eliminating tearing and shuttering. Free Synch technology helps gamers who want to get the better quality.

Game Mode for Optimal Viewing Conditions

LG 34UM68-P also offers dedicated game modes which provide optimal viewing conditions. There are 3 different preset modes available where gamers can pick the right one based on their preferences when they are playing. Sometimes, gamers want to get more details when they are playing games. To cover this issue, LG 34UM68-P has a cool feature named black stabilizer. This feature works by revealing more details in dark scenes, allowing gamers to view some hidden items when playing the game. To provide comfortable viewing, the monitor is added with the tilt and height adjustable stand. LG also uses the sleek design to give the monitor a more elegant look. This sleek design is also very useful to provide stability. That being said, with all of these features added, you don’t have to look for other models as long as you already have LG monitor available in your home.

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ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q - Best Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

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ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q, this is the monitor that you have been looking for. As the title suggests, Asus brings the best curved gaming monitor that many gamers would love to have it available at home. The new curved gaming monitor designed by Asus expands the new scope and delivers the best experience and increase more details when gamers are playing games. There are some new technologies which are introduced by Asus for this monitor such as NVIDIA G Synch technology which can deliver smooth gameplay. Another feature is the addition of a built-in ROG light effect and this feature is designed by Asus to give ambiance to the user’s gaming setup.

Enjoy Greater Details in Games and Movies

Using pixel density of 109 pixels per inch, ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q lets the gamer enjoy greater details in games and movies. To give the user more on screen space than the standard monitor, Asus has 21:9 aspect ratio thus the user can have more room for other applications. Switching from one application to another application has become a lot easier. The most surprising part is the availability of the special turbo key. Now, it is easy to toggle between refresh rates, a very useful feature which can save more time.

More Enhancements Added

Using tilt, swivel and height adjustments, it is easy when users want to get the maximum comfort while they are playing games. Simply choose the best position to get the maximum comfort. Asus offers exclusive technologies which are only available for their products. Users can use the special hotkey which will give them some options where users can choose from crosshair, timer, and also FPS counter. Crosshair lets you choose from 4 different crosshair overlays where you can choose one that fits with your playing style. You can also decide not to choose one and play like a real pro. Timer lets you customize the on-screen timer for some different situations such as fighting with the boss. It can be used for various purposes that you want. The FPS counter gives you a built in FPS counter.

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ASUS brings the most advanced features in the world of the ultrawide monitor. While there are other models that offer the same price, please take some time and learn why you must buy ASUS PB298Q. It has some interesting features such as the new Flicker-free technology which can clear flicker and give the user comfort when they are watching. Take a good look at the size of the monitor, the monitor is very light thus you can carry it around easily. Moving it from one place to another place won’t give you a headache. Since it is very light, it is also very compatible with different mounts.

Deliver the Best Image Quality You Have Ever Seen

ASUS PB298Q claims that they can deliver the best image quality, something that can’t be compared to other IPS. Another reason why you must buy the monitor is the use of the default calibration which is very good compared to other standard monitors or even other ultrawide monitors. You can watch the movie from any angle and you can ensure that the quality is the same. Everything is clear and it looks great when used to play games. There are three important points that ASUS PB298Q is better than other models. These three points are color, resolution and the image quality.

An Excellent Choice for Professionals

When you see the design, you may notice that the tiny bezels are beautiful. Asus really knows how to make a great monitor with a high-quality design. While providing the best features to deliver high-quality images, Asus doesn’t ignore its design. Other models may have a standard design but this is not the case with this one. You can place it anywhere and it will look great. Show the new monitor to your guests and see how they will react. For professionals who work a lot in front of the monitor, ASUS Eye Care Technology will cover this issue. This technology can prevent eye fatigue thus it can help you to be more productive while maintaining the health of your eye. Save your money and grab this awesome product.

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Dell UltraSharp U3415W (Curved) - Best Ultrawide Monitor for the Money

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Dell UltraSharp U3415W brings a panoramic view, superb sound and high-quality images for professionals who want more than just a standard monitor. As the title suggests, Dell UltraSharp is the best choice for professionals who want a better monitor offered at an affordable price. Using an ultra wide screen, it offers enhanced viewing comfort and more display area. Enjoy a new experience when you are dealing with different applications. Unlike a flat screen, the curved screen gives you a better view as you don’t have to move your eyes very often.

Increase Your Productivity and Stay Organized

Now, you can increase productivity especially when you are having multiple apps at the same time. It is easy to connect multiple monitors and devices. With the addition of some connectivity features, it allows playing game and access another application without interruption. Can you imagine it? It is also easy when you want to connect 2 personal computers at the same time. This is possible with the feature named Picture by Picture. While accessing 2 personal computers at the same time, you don’t have to use a different keyboard as you can use only one keyboard to access them. Navigating content from those PCs can be done with only one keyboard.

Latest Environmental Standards

What makes it better is that Dell UltraSharp U3415W has met the latest environmental standards such as Energy Star Qualified, TCO certified display, and EPEAT Gold Rated. To save more energy, it also has the enhanced power management which will adjust the brightness of the monitor to the minimum or put the monitor to the sleep mode when it is not used. Dell Easy Arrange lets you manage multiple applications such as email and keep them organized in a convenient way. When looking at the design, Dell has a simpler bezel. The colors are great, they look clear and they are very vivid. The same quality can be expected with the anti-glare which is good. If you use it in front of a window, you will notice a significant difference. You can use it for gaming or working, it works great.

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Dell UltraSharp U2913WM

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Dell UltraSharp U2913WM lets you work smart by using some smart features added. It is easy to navigate around some applications without sacrificing your productivity. This 29-inch panoramic display offers a great experience where you can enjoy a sensational view from any angle. This is the perfect product which lets you enjoy the best picture without ignoring other aspects such as comfort. When you want to connect multiple devices to the monitor, doing this job is also easy. It has cool connectivity features such as USB 3.0, Display Port 1.2, Mini Display Port, HDMI and DVI. In addition, the availability of adjustable tilt and swivel positioning makes it very easy to get the maximum comfort as you can adjust the position.

Dell Display Manager – The New Way to Increase Your Productivity

It has become a lot easier for you who want to increase the visual experience and synchronize applications. Using a feature named Dell Display Manager you can work in a smarter way. This new features provides some features which let users optimize their media presentation and maximize their monitor’s real estate such as Auto Mode and Easy Arrange. If you want to get a better video, don’t worry as you can leave this job to Dell UltraSharp U2913WM. To get a better video, what you need to do is to optimize the video settings by using smart video enhance feature. Users are also allowed to optimize other settings such as the sharpness and color to get the best video presentation. One good advice is to choose the movie mode. This is the recommended settings as all settings are changed automatically. But you can also manually adjust the settings. Using the advanced mode, you can adjust some settings manually such as sharpness, hue and also color saturation.

Save More Power with PowerNap

It seems that the monitor really does a very good job in addressing the issue of saving energy. Using a feature named PowerNap, it will automatically regulate the power usage, minimizing the use of energy without sacrificing its performance. Save more power, increase productivity and work conveniently, Dell UltraSharp U2913WM has it all.

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Acer Predator X34 - Best Curved Ultrawide Monitor with G-Sync

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While other models may look great for both professionals and gamers, Acer Predator X34 is designed to be more specific. Acer claims that Acer Predator offers the best experience for professional gamers who need a perfect monitor to satisfy their needs. It is designed to give ultimate gaming experience. Acer takes the gamers deep into action with the use of 34 inch curved screen. Combined with 21:9 aspect ratio, what users get is the best viewing experience where they can play games without interruption.


Acer Predator also offers NVIDIA G-SYNCH technology which can eliminate screen tearing, helping the gamers to secure their victory. Don’t worry about all details as Acer Predator has some impressive features to satisfy the needs of gamers from all levels. Using ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, it gives a more impressive experience which lets gamers think that their gaming experience will never become the same again. The design is also great as it offers the ZeroFrame design, a cool design which makes the monitor more attractive. The ZeroFrame design also gives gamers the best viewing experience. Gamers can also connect multiple monitors easily. Using NVIDIA G-SYNCH technology, this feature will minimize display shutter thus the screen will appear instantly. This technology also makes the objects look sharper, helping gamers to spot enemies or items easily. To add a cool effect to the game, Acer also has 4 ambient lighting effects. Gamers are allowed to choose from a fixed light to different frequencies.

If this is still not enough, gamers can also feel safe as Acer also provides a technology named Blue Light filtering technology which can prevent eye fatigue. To help gamers play games for hours, the ergonomic stand lets the gamers to find the best viewing position. Acer Predator is also safe for environment. The connectivity features are also amazing as it comes with 5 USB 3.0 ports thus it is very easy to connect mouse, keyboard and gaming headset. Since there are other slots available, you can also charge your phone while playing games. With Acer Eco Display, the power used when playing games can be reduced up to 68%.

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Samsung S34E790C (Curved) - Professional LED Monitor

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Samsung S34E790C provides an immersive viewing experience with some features added such as an ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, ultra WQHD display, and also the use of the ergonomic design. Let’s explore some cool features offered and you can decide whether the monitor is the right choice for you or not. Using an ergonomic design, Samsung S34E790C optimizes the viewing experience, whether you are watching movies or playing games, the quality is great. This ergonomic design also increases your productivity. Samsung monitor gives the users lots of features to provide the maximum comfort from the addition of an adjustable stand which helps you to mount the monitor easily on any wall to the availability of some new technologies designed for Samsung monitor. Mounting the monitor on any wall is very easy, simply tilt and adjust the height of the screen. It gives you the flexibility to fit the monitor for your specific requirements.

Ultra WQHD Display for Better Details

Using an ultra WQHD display, users can expect better details. Everything is clear and you can say thank to its 3440 x 1440 resolution. The resolution of the screen is said to be 2.5 times of the resolution of full HD. The design is also great as it is inspired by the curve of the human eye. With this design, playing games or watching movies will never be the same. Connecting two PCs to the monitor is also easy as you can use the Picture by Picture technology. With the multi-screen functionality, it is very convenient to watch desktop of both PCs. If you are a gamer, Samsung can also satisfy your needs. Samsung claims that it can provide the best gaming experience with some technologies added. Take a good look at its game mode where it can detect changes in the scene. The game mode will also adjust the color and contrast automatically and you can see everything in better details.

The dual stereo speakers will help gamers to get realistic sound when they are playing games. Flicker-free technology helps gamers to prevent eye fatigue thus they can play games comfortably. It is not only useful for playing games. This technology also works well when used to read documents for longer periods.

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AOC Q2963PM - Best Budget Ultrawide Monitor

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AOC Q2963PM gives the users greater flexibility where they can increase their productivity when they are playing games or working. With some features such as screen-splitter function, ultrawide screen, and dual link-up, playing games and working would be more fun. No matter what the job is, whether you are viewing documents, watching movies, or accessing various applications, it can be done easily with AOC Q2963PM. Now, you can see more when using this monitor. It features an LED backlit screen where users can enjoy ultra-clear images and brilliant colors. Using the IPS panel, now you can view multiple documents easily from any angle. With the use of the IPS panel, you don’t have to worry about losing the quality of the picture.

Do More with Dual Monitor Settings

Now, you can also do more with the availability of the dual monitor settings. This feature helps you to enjoy dual monitor productivity using the single screen. Using the screen splitter function, dealing with multitasking becomes so simple. With the addition of the high-quality built-in speakers, watching movies or playing games gives you a more fun experience. AOC Q2963PM also offers you with the narrow bezel frame which lets you enjoy the cinema-like screen experience. Connectivity is another important issue that gamers and professionals want to know when they are buying ultrawide monitors. For this situation, don’t worry, users are allowed to connect multiple monitors by using the Display Port connection. It is very easy to connect multiple monitors to your laptop as you can use one cable.

Does it consume a lot of energy? The answer is, it is really good for professionals who want to find the perfect monitor which can save energy. It is Energy Star qualified, meaning that it doesn’t consume energy as much as other monitors do. It consumes 30% less energy than other models. Again, as we have said earlier, the design is professional, meaning that it looks so elegant compared to other standard monitors. It offers stunning picture quality thus many professionals love to use this one when they are working. Thanks to its design and incredible picture quality, it deserves to be chosen among creative professionals and gamers.

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HP Envy 34c Curved Widescreen Monitor

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HP Envy 34c is the last list we have included here. Like other models we have listed above, it also provides an immersive gaming experience. Using a 34-inch curved screen, it seems that Hp wants to lead the market by providing high-quality monitors for both professionals and gamers. With some features such as built-in speakers, bold DTS audio and also wide quad HD, the pictures, games and videos look better.

Enjoy the full stereo sensation as it is equipped with both right and left 6-watt speakers. The availability of the DTS audio provides the highest trebles and deepest bass. When you want to listen the audio for yourself, don’t worry, simply connect the headphone jack to the monitor. Another cool feature is the addition of the dual images which lets you view PCs and device simultaneously. Accessing all settings available is also easy as you can use the wireless remote control. When you are watching movies or playing games, HP Envy 34c lets you personalize the viewing position by mounting the monitor to the wall or using a VESA monitor arm. You can also make some settings which fit with your personal preferences, simply tune and save your settings with HP MyDisplay software.

Having a smart and sleek design, HP Envy 34c also looks so beautiful. You can put it anywhere and it doesn’t require a lot of space. The design is great as it gives you easy access to rear ports. The size is definitely one cool feature that makes it better compared to other standard monitors. It gives you flexibility when you want to open multiple files or access various applications at the same time. All of them can be done without interruption. It has a very large display which will be very suitable when used for graphic designers or those who want more than just a standard monitor. Thus, if you still use a standard monitor, you may notice a huge difference after purchasing this model. It has everything that you need especially when dealing with multitasking. Better details, awesome designs and lots of cool features, Hp provides them for you.

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Ultrawide monitors are definitely a better choice for professionals who want to increase their productivity. They provide a more convenient way when you want to access multiple files or applications. Sometimes, a standard monitor doesn’t solve your problem when you want to access multiple applications at the same time. Having two or three tiny displays is not a solution and that’s when you need a larger display. It can be very annoying when you use a tiny display and you notice that it doesn’t help you a lot as you are having difficulties when working with spreadsheets, emails and other applications. In fact, these tiny displays are not helping you. Large displays can solve those situations. If you are not a professional who needs a larger monitor, you just want to play games then large displays can also help you cover this situation. For gamers, having a tiny display is a big issue as they can enjoy the best experience when playing games. Using ultrawide monitors, they can optimize the viewing experience without any interruption.

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