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Neurofeedback Equipment for Mental Health

Mental health symptoms and solutions are being openly discussed more than ever. Most days that I turn on the news I hear at least one story related to mental health. Just today I heard a report about three separate people who were survivors or a relative of a survivor of a school shooting who committed suicide. We often hear reports of the devastation across the country related to abuse of opioid drugs. Concussions caused by car accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries cause memory loss, behavior and mood changes as well as other problems. People are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and prescribed medications that may have to be taken for the rest of their lives with potential side effects.

Neurofeedback equipment is being used as one therapy modality that can help with many mental health conditions. Healthcare professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, mental health counselors, social workers, nurses, chiropractors are using neurofeedback adjunctively with other therapies to help people with many of these mental health problems. For more information on conditions that neurofeedback therapy is used for refer to Comprehensive Neurofeedback BibliographyD. Corydon Hammond, PhD.

The electrical signals that are produced by the brain are measured using a device attached to the person by sensors placed on the head. The signals are separated into Delta, Theta, Alpha, (SMR) Sensory Motor Rhythm, Beta, and Gamma. During an assessment it is determined if there are imbalances in the brainwave activity. The same or similar neurofeedback equipment is then used to measure, give visual and or auditory feedback, and train the brain to produce more regulated or “normal” electrical patterns.

This usually will help to decrease the types of mental health symptoms mentioned earlier.

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