Differences between cooking with a non-stick pan and a cast iron pan

At the time, stains with non-stick coating were a breakthrough. Many people felt a great relief when they saw that they did not stick to their food while they were preparing it. The non-stick pans are easy to clean and very comfortable to use.

The pans with non-stick coating, usually last less than iron, so it is easy to think of buying a cast iron to replace Teflon or ceramic.

Before you decide, you should know that a cast iron skillet is not as easy to use for cooking as a ceramic, for more at the simple human website.

Although it is true that both (non-stick and iron) share some common points, since they can be used to fry or saute in the same way.

In general, with no frying pan it is good to use instruments that scratch it like knives or metal forks. Instead, it is best to use wooden spoons or silicone spoons, always treating them carefully and taking care not to scratch the surface of the pan that is in contact with the food.

A cast iron pan, in the long run, will be cheaper than a nonstick , although today there are price ranges for all tastes whatever the material of the pan, it is always more profitable to cook with iron.

The iron pan is healthier. The non-stick materials are finished by taking off and can expose layers of aluminum on which cooking is not good.

In this sense, Teflon pans can reach toxic gases when they reach high temperatures (260ºC). Although it is not normal for this to happen.

I recommend you read: what skillet should I buy , where it is explained in detail what teflon consists of, among other things.

Cooking with a cast iron skillet allows you to cover a greater variety of cooking possibilities : apart from the usual uses, you can put it in the oven or subject it to high temperatures without major problem. A cast iron pan is difficult to destroy.

The cast iron pans, so that they last for many years and the food does not stick, we must cure them .

We must also be careful not to wash them with strong soaps , because the soap can penetrate the iron pores and flavor the meals.

The curing of the iron pan, which is a layer of oil that acts as a nonstick can be damaged with certain acidic foods , so you should not cook this type of food (tomato, vinegar, lemon juice), especially the first times.

Experts who have cooked many times with iron pans, usually start with fatty foods like bacon or some type of frying until they check that the pan is properly cured . From that moment they are expanding the repertoire and cooking all kinds of dishes with them.

Finally, you must take into account that iron is not the best conductor of heat . If you have a non-stick pan with an aluminum base, the latter will cook faster than iron, since aluminum is a better conductor of heat than iron.

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