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Getting Started with Fountain Pens: Some Basic Guidelines for New Users

Hero and Parker fountain pens are two of the most common writing implements for most people. After growing up and becoming an adult, the fountain pen's mystery and sentimental value fell away because of changes in the world around us. Fountain pens have a long history, but the technology behind them has evolved. Following our refresher course on fountain pens, here are some pointers to get you started in the right direction. There are a plethora of words and definitions in the fountain pen community, but that's not what we're here for. For your first purchase of a fountain pen, we only want you to have some basic information at your fingertips.

The thickness of the tip

When shopping for a fountain pen, one of the first choices you'll have to make is the kind of nib you want. The size of the nib must be taken into account while purchasing a pen. One may choose between three different types of conventional nib tips. What you're looking at is fine, medium and wide. When it comes to how much ink is discharged and how thick your lines are, it all comes down to the tip of the nib. An assertive writer may benefit from a wide tip, whereas someone who writes little and closely spaced could choose a fine or medium tip.. At a specialty pen shop, a knowledgeable employee may assist you in determining the right pen size for your writing style. Click here to see LeStallion's best journal for fountain pen.

Material for fountain pens

A beginner's best bet is to stay with a pen made of a lightweight material like resin, aluminium, or ABS plastic. This will keep your hands from cramping or tiring while you grow accustomed to writing with a fountain pen. Eventually, after you've honed your skills and developed a taste for fountain pen writing, you may go on to pens made of brass or other valuable metals.

Ink for ballpoint pen

If you're buying your first fountain pen, you'll want to be sure the ink is from a reputable worldwide brand or the pen's manufacturer. Pens can only write as well as the ink they're using, and most people don't give it any consideration. It is common for inks to be comprised of water, dye, and solvents. You might get varied results from the same brand's colours depending on the one you use. It's possible that switching from a regular royal blue to a red from the same manufacturer will result in a different flow pattern. When purchasing a high-quality pen, be careful to inform the salesperson what you want to use it for, such as if you plan to write pages or simply scrawl a few notes. We have a wide selection of fountain pen inks to choose from.


Modern man prayed for a convenient ink filling technique and got it in the form of cartridges. To refill a ballpoint or gel pen, you would remove the reservoir of ink from the pen and replace it with a new cartridge. Cartridges have the benefit of portability. To replace the ink in your printer, all you have to do is insert a new cartridge. Using bottled inks and refilling your pens, on the other hand, is where the real fountain pen experience starts in our perspective. Asking the expert about ink cartridges, on the other hand, is an option if you want something fast and straightforward.

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