The beauty industry is worth 532 billion dollars and the growth seems literally unstoppable in the foreseeable future. So there is no denying the fact that skincare brands are rampantly growing across the world, boosting the overall economy. However, the skincare industry falls short of the rules and regulations. As a matter of fact, it is right up there in the list of the least regulated industries. The skincare brands are taking unnecessary advantage of poor accountability and, as a result, adding harmful ingredients in their products to maximize the profit margin.

But the good news is that things have begun to change lately. Clean products are one of the hottest new trends. As the years go by, people are more interested in sustainable skincare products than traditional ones. It is important to choose organic and natural skincare ingredients if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Here is how opting for sustainable skincare products will prove to be beneficial for you and the plant in general:

1. Your Skin Will Glow

Even though skin reactions to makeup are different for everyone, organic products will most likely give you better results. To get customers to buy more, reputable companies will often mix drying agents in their moisturizing formulas. This is the biggest reason why traditional skincare products will deteriorate your skin in the long run.

On the other hand, sustainable skincare products are made with natural ingredients that have been grown organically. These products don’t contain harsh chemicals, which means that there is less waste and toxins being poured down the drain. You are doing more than just beautifying your skin and improving your internal health.

2. Sustainable Skincare Products Are Not Bad For Animals

It is a common practice to test beauty products against animals. Even though many people show concern over the practice, big brands still use animal testing as their go-to option. Guess what? Sustainable cosmetics are not tested on animals. By buying natural products, you will register a protest against animal testing.

3. You'll Feel Good About Contributing To A Better World

Statistically speaking, plastic packaging is responsible for 146 million tons of plastic produced annually by the beauty industry. As things stand now, plastic packaging is the main contributor to plastic pollution around the world.

So by being conscious of your choices in terms of beauty products, you can play a role in your humble capacity to minimize pollution. Provided the growing popularity of sustainable skincare products, several giant brands have parted ways from plastic packaging. With the passage of time, the pool of such brands is gradually marking an uptick.

4. You’ll Save Money

You'll use fewer products due to the higher quality of natural, sustainable ingredients. Using fewer products means savings on expensive palettes, brushes, etc. You'll also save time and not have to run to the local store every week for supplies. Several scientific studies reveal that this is part and parcel of a zero-waste beauty lifestyle.

Customers can refill their products with green beauty lines rather than buying new bottles. You're not only saving money on replacement costs but also generate less waste.


We typically associate good health with an impeccable diet and regular exercise. But there is more to it. We often forget about the products that we apply to our bodies. Bear in mind; skin is the largest organ in our bodies and absorbs almost all that you put on it. On average, people apply roughly 10 different products to their skin each day. You are unknowingly exposing yourself to many unnecessary chemicals that eventually find their way into your bloodstream. One way to avoid this problem is to make a move towards sustainable skincare products.

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