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What is 214 B and How to Overcome Visa Rejections?

Every foreigner shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he or she establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa that he or she is entitled to non-immigrant status” comes under the section 214(b) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act.

Most visa applicants must convince the Consular Officer of the following such that to overcome 214 b visa rejections:

• He or she plans to return to his or her native country following a temporary stay in the United States.

• Ability to prove financial documentation such that he or she can afford the trip without having to seek unauthorized employment in the U.S.

• Applicants must be able to convince the consular officer that the travel is for legitimate purposes only.

How to overcome 214 b visa rejections?

Every applicant should know how to overcome 214 visa rejection issues. The applicants’ must remember to bring organized documentation of solid ties with home country which includes lease/mortgage proof, tenant insurance policy, email with employer/landlord/medical/insurance/cable informing them of the temporary trip and date of returning, letter from employer and company where he/she works, proof of an important scheduled event or project which requires you to return to your home country, dependents who count on you, your travel document details, travel insurance policy proof and end date, and many more. Put those documents in order and label it so that it is easy for the Consular Officer to verify.

In a rare scenario, if an applicant routinely visited the US and requested for extensions or overstayed their visas then the consular officer may find the reason to suspect that the particular applicant no longer resides in their home country. Henceforth, to overcome 214 B visa rejections the applicant should be able to prove the situation with feasible documents.

One should remember that the consular officer handles countless interviews a day. The applicant should make a particular interview comfortable for them. Perhaps, if you want to make yourself different from other applicants then your answer should not be too general. Though, it must reflect who you are, your personality, and your passion.

Refused entry to the USA from Ireland and the UK

If you have arrived in the US with a visa and an immigration official denies your entry, you can insist on a review of your case before a judge. Travelers may be refused entry to the USA from Ireland with visas for many reasons such as previously worked illegally in the US, suspected of overstaying with non-valid visa, suspected of having ties to terrorist or criminal organizations, and don’t have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in the US. Moreover, if you have a refused entry to the USA from the UK along with a valid visa then you have the right to have an exclusion hearing before a judge to determine your admissibility; an administrative appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals; and a judicial review or appeal of any, or all, of the above decisions.

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