Caden Riddle

Reasons to Read Your Horoscope

Even though Astrology is in many ways similar to the daily Horoscope of your Sun sign, the most common use of Astrology is in the sphere of predictions for Sun signs based on monitoring of the planet placements in relation to that sign for a particular day, week, month or a year. In most occasions, it is very silly to presume that one interpretation can be linked to millions of people around the world, all born with the Sun in exactly the exact same sign.

In the majority of cases of skepticism regarding Astrology, the first argument against it is the one in which a"nonbeliever" explains the impossibility of the character of so many people described in only twelve signs of the zodiac. Unfortunate for the unbelievers, but this is a rather superficial view as there's an obvious lack of information supporting the claim.

Another fact which makes the confusion even larger is that we know the mass of the Sun makes up about 99% of our solar system, and it's not difficult to realize that its role in our chart will be of great importance. None of the planets can ever be vital and the Sun and that is the reason it is often referred to as the king of the zodiac. The sun produces energy and glows brightly in our own lives. The Sun is a symbol of our creative power and our inner child, our confidence and our will power, it attracts us with its own gravity to certain regions of our lives and we should all know how important it is. So for instance, all of the people with the Sun in Aries will have a strong will and their priorities will be set, but the rest of the story will be based on the home the Sun is in, the position of planet Mars-the leader of the Sun's sign, of the ascendant, the Moon, and a lot of other factors that ought to be included in each personal interpretation.

Horoscopes daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are often written according to an analysis of current positions of the Sun, the Moon and the planets in the sky, and their connection to your Sun sign. If another person is represented by your Sun sign (for instance your father, your boss or your husband) our interpretations will most likely be seen in their lives rather than yours. This is something that you should keep in your mind as you read our general interpretations.

Before you continue with your daily and weekly horoscope, the most necessary thing to know is their function in your life. We don't write these interpretations to foresee your future and guess what will happen in your lifetime. They are here to inspire you and show you that you share some things with other people in the world. It's not to be expected that they will be right on the spot as there is a simple lack of personal information, but hopefully they will interest you, show you that you're not alone in the world, and assist you to sense the atmosphere which your Sun needs to deal with at that period of time.

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