Calida Jenkins

Common Myths about Online Card Games

Online card game has seen immense growth in recent years. It is at its peak in India. With the advancement of various online sites, there has been an increase in the variations of the game. Apart from having fun and entertainment, it gives an opportunity to the players to win real money and exciting prizes.

Obviously, anything that is popular, there are numerous naysayers spreading out false indoctrination against online card games. What’s the most wretched thing is many players believe in those misconceptions and fall into the trap. But this needs to stop. Below are a few common myths about the card games that seem to be prevalent.

Card game is gambling:

Many of you think that online card game is gambling. But actually, it is not. The Supreme Court of India has considered Rummy, Blackjack, and Poker as skill-based games. Although Rummy is simple to learn, it takes hours to practice and requires an ample of time to gain mastery. The outcome of the game depends on the skills of a player rather than chance.

Card games are addictive:

Many believe that cards games are addictive and hence should be avoided. But it’s not true! Card games like Poker, Teen Patti, or 13 Card Rummy can be played and enjoyed as much as you want. Moreover, apart from fun and entertainment, these games are best to play during your idle time and to kill your boredom. Many Rummy and Poker websites give an opportunity to the players to play for free and win amazing prizes as well. It depends on you how much and when you want to play.

Luck based game:

If it’s the luck factor that makes the players win the game, then how a few lucky players don’t win the game periodically. Once the cards are distributed it depends on you how skillfully you play the game. You must apply the strategies, techniques, and tips to win the game. Even if you are dealt with bad hands, you must learn how to turn your losing streak into a winning one by using the strategies of the game.

Card games are totally unsociable:

This is absolutely insane. Card games make you socially interactive. Various sites have a chatting facility available. This chatting facility allows players to chat with their opponents or other players online and make friends across the globe. It also helps introvert players to make new friends.

Wastage of time:

Obviously NOT! In fact, every week, many players are winning prizes in the form of vouchers, movie tickets, bonuses, and even cash prizes. I guess that does not sound a waste of time. These games also increase your cognitive skills, critical reasoning, concentration and it’s a great stress buster too. So, it’s a great option to make the best use of your free time. With the multiplayer option, you can create a private table and play with your friends too.

Requires High-end devices:

With the evolution of technology and fast internet connection, card games can be played and enjoyed on laptops, mobiles, and Pcs. You don’t need to have any advanced configurations. All you need is just an internet connection. No high-end devices or upgraded system is required.

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