Calida Jenkins

Ways Hotels Promote Wellness

Hotels are always looking for ways to improve their customer's experience. They are now starting to promote wellness initiatives as a way of attracting customers and also improving their bottom line.

Some hotels offer spa treatments and meditation sessions in order to calm the mind, while others offer healthy food options that are low in calories and high in nutrients. The hotel industry is also looking at ways to reduce the stress levels of its employees and customers.

Hotel spas

Some spa luxury hotels focus on holistic wellness and offer more than just traditional treatments. For example, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts offer treatments aimed at busy executives, including dermatology work and non-invasive surgical procedures. Other wellness hotels include specialized fitness centers and meditation retreats, allowing guests to focus on their health and spiritual well-being while away from home.

In addition to offering traditional treatments, spas can also offer special treatments for local and international clients. These types of treatments can be more affordable for clients, making them a good option for vacationers on a budget. Incorporating local therapies into the menu can help make spa treatments more accessible for all.

Farm-to-table hotels

Many luxury hotels are joining the farm-to-table movement to provide guests with fresh, locally sourced foods. Some have even become "agri-hotels" where guests can dine on homegrown fare. Other hotels are incorporating wellness programming into their dining options. Whatever the case, there are benefits to the wellness movement for both the community and the hotel industry.

Blackberry Farm in Tennessee is well-known for its food and wine programs and is building a wellness center next door. Located in the meadow on the edge of the original property, the new facility is surrounded by herb gardens and is designed in a rustic-chic style.

The Swissotel Vitality program embraces a holistic approach to wellness through food, drink, and fitness. This approach has a strong social aspect, and the hotel aims to provide a peaceful retreat from the city. Additionally, it is dedicated to fostering a healthy environment and adhering to strict sustainable development standards.


Meditation is an ancient practice that has many benefits for the body and mind. It can help you cope with everyday stress, maintain inner peace, and manage certain medical conditions. Many people also find meditation to improve their focus and concentration. The good news is that it's easy to learn, and anyone can practice it anywhere.

Wellness is quickly becoming a priority for travelers, and luxury hotels are responding to this growing demand. For instance, a recent survey conducted by American Express found that 76 percent of respondents were willing to spend more money on travel that promotes wellness. Further, 55 percent said they would pay extra if they could find wellness-oriented activities. So, hotel chains have stepped up their wellness programs, and some have begun to incorporate meditation. For example, Hilton is testing a new health program called Five Feet to Fitness. In addition to interactive fitness tutorials, the hotel now offers gym equipment in some rooms.

The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has five wellness-themed guestrooms and two wellness-themed suites. These rooms and suites feature exercise equipment and Yoga mats. In addition, guests can enjoy discounted spa treatments.

Stress management

One of the most important aspects of promoting wellness at a hotel is stress management. As a result, luxury hotels are trying to offer guests the best possible stress management options. Hotel wellness programs focus on reducing and coping with acute and chronic stressors. Hotel stress management programs can help guests overcome anxiety, depression, and other issues that may result from staying in a hotel.

A hotel's stress management programs promote meditation and integrative, personalized fitness. It also encourages sleep, which has been proven to be essential for maintaining good health and vitality. In short, stress management in hotels can help hotel guests gain control and agency over their lives. In addition to stress management, hotels can also offer a range of board games, books, and other entertainment options that can entertain and educate guests.

Hotel guests are often faced with an emotional rollercoaster when they stay in quarantine. In order to deal with this upheaval, they develop various coping strategies that help them manage their feelings. For example, they can learn to prioritize their activities and schedule their time better.

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