Carlos Gunta

Why computer games are so popular in Spanish Internet?

Among the many entertainments on the Spanish-speaking Internet, Kizi 2019 games stand out in a special way, because by their popularity they are out of competition. Why are computer games so popular in Spain, Mexico, and even the United States, not only in life, but also on the Internet? There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is historical, a person always came up with various competitions to determine the best by any criteria, these are the Olympic games and various tournaments.

The second reason is that in the modern world most often a person spends time near a computer, whether it be an office machine or a mobile device, and therefore from time to time he needs to somehow relax, be distracted by something else, in order to continue to work in the future , since it’s almost impossible to sit on the monitor for many hours and still think about a difficult problem. And often, especially in offices, the decision to refresh your head is the ability to play for 10-15 minutes. And in this regard, flash games have no equal, since there are a huge number of them, for every taste and every genre, so that everyone will definitely find at least one game for their time. Therefore, many Argentines mostly play interesting games on the website.

The third reason is that in games you can realize what did not work out or has not yet been realized in life. If you have not become an athlete in your life, then it doesn’t matter, it’s easy to implement in the game, or it may be better to become the leader of the Sky Wars team using Minecraft mods and lead it to victories, or a full-fledged manager and build not only the team, but also the entire club infrastructure in the world of football, hockey, basketball.

Or maybe you always dreamed of driving a Formula 1 car or just driving a chic sports car and driving the entire track on it. You can become a pilot of an airplane or a spaceship, a sniper in a war (realistic, fantastic, space), a mayor of a city, a president of a country, a famous gangster, a hero of a nation, a small horse from the My Little Pony La Magia de la Amistad animated film beloved by all Spaniards and Mexicans or any other famous or unknown character. The game can transfer us to any era, on any planet, make it any historical or fictional character, make any of our dreams come true.

In the modern world, computer juegos españoles are easily accessible to users, most of them are free and even paid ones cost very symbolic money. This, coupled with the three reasons listed above, makes computer games so popular, and doubles their fan base every year, almost as much as the number of games increases each year.

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