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How Our SEO Strategy Helped Our Client's Online Presence

Knowing who you’re marketing is as essential as understanding what you are marketing. The success of marketing strategy in 2020 is all about targeting people who are most interested in your products or services. And that calls for a detailed marketing campaign. However, keeping up with the trend and most certainly the budget, enroute digital marketing seems to the most effective option.

While the idea of an SEO strategy might make you think of some niche skill set and a team of nerds taking care of the high end applications - nothing can be farther from the truth. At Carney Technologies Services, we have a bunch of creative people who knows how to implement an effective, comprehensive, and achievable SEO strategy.

Why Do I Need An SEO Strategy?

Well, this is the million dollar question.

Simply explained, a prioritized, thoughtful, tactful, and consistent SEO strategy is the most effective way to make your website get high, organic traffic. The technology behind search engines' capacity to recognize web entities is based on the proclivity of how real people normally perceive things. The new algorithm emphasize on E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) which underlines that search engines are more inclined towards brand-related metrics. When these parameters are properly implemented, it can help create more visible results in search engine.

The traditional SEO practices forms the foundation of the latest online branding or authority building concept. The online environment is getting too competitive these days and SEO for brands became more important than ever. Creating a website and procuring a bunch of links is way too passé. There are many other strategies required than these quintessential elements.

Google fosters websites that have a strong brand presence. Branding and SEO are the primary marketing strategies that help your website reach higher rank with fewer links.

Imagine when someone find your brand they knew little about just by searching on their handheld device! Revolving on this data, you can build your brand awareness for your potential customers and understand their buying pattern by what they are craving at the moment of need. Eventually, you can be their favorite brand!


First thing first. Carney knows how important it is to have a complete website audit before redesigning or reassigning marketing or SEO strategies. However, this step is difficult to complete on your because of its critical nature. It is a thorough and impartial diagnosis of how your website can only be done by the SEO experts. It includes features such as-

• Performance

• Local SEO

• Mobility

• Links

• Content

• Social Media

• Other technical factors

After looking at these categories completely, we provide a comprehensive list of the issues that can be taken care of. The first part of a productive SEO strategy, is to understand the changes and accept that the alterations are necessary for a successful SEO campaign.

While there can be some of the red flags during the initial audit, a more in-depth study will include the major technical factors like a coding error, alt tag missing, etc. Although it might seem there can be quick fixes, you need the experts to get better results for longer maintenance and repair times. And this is what makes your SEO plan complete.


Having proper SEO strategy goals is fundamental to tracking your online presence growth. Before implementing, understand the list of factors that can help you expedite the SEO operation -

• Organic traffic (demographically)

• Conversions (through any channel)

• Social media activity

• Impressions

• Links

• Bounce rate

• Click-through rate

In the past, most webmasters and publishers used only the generic keywords/terms to optimize their website's content. However, with the consistently evolving technologies, the optimization process is getting taxing and complicated than ever. Determining relevance of the factors such as structured data or schema markups, entity recognition and disambiguation (ERD), phrase-based indexing for co-occurrence and co-citations, natural language processing (NLP), concept matching - are some of the new essentials driven by branding campaigns. Simply put, these all help to find out how an average human would normally find, talk, or ask about a certain thing.


The modern age brands need to have relevant and informative scope of more interactivity with their consumer base. This is more than just communicating with your audience, but using them help spread the brand awareness.

Targeting a niche audience works specifically well for small businesses. This starts with the use smart keyword research. It helps to keep an edge over the competition and win the potential customers by remaining hyper-focused.

Targeting niche audiences can be narrowed down through the keyword search. When you create your tribe, there is a much improved chance of connecting with new customers who are more likely to convert.

Building on your brand's topical expertise is arguably the fastest way to build a name for your business.

Proving your field expertise will certainly involve a strong, unique selling point (USP). Obviously, search engines like brands who are more validated and are experts in their respective fields. The quality of your brand's content is the first parameter that strengthens your brand.

Prioritize your content development efforts to create a more competitive fighting chance which can dominate the market. It's the smartest way to scale out your competitors.


A branded search indicates the queries or terms users search and it typically includes the name of the brand or some variation of it. It is given that users who research branded keywords are already aware about the brand and possibly intend to purchase. If your company gets a large number of branded searches, it can help your business grow on many levels. With an increase in the branded search volume, it is easily possible to raise the rankings for the non-branded keywords as well. This works because Google could associate your brand with the branded and other relevant keywords and make them together with unbranded queries.

However, with the branded search, there's some studied consumer intent which can be summarized as-

• Navigational – When the user wants to reach a particular site or brand, they look for a specific domain

• Informational – When the user looks for a particular content, which is more general and is available with more than one web page

• Transactional – This search helps to find the pathway in completing a task such as subscription, buying, etc.

• Commercial – This is the run-of-the-mill research that is done before a purchase


One of the crucial elements of the digital branding strategies is focusing on Local SEO. The precise location targeting is the main idea behind this tool and understandably is one of the best ways to attract branded traffic to your website. Did you know 46% of all search queries on Google have local intent? Users who look for any information about specific brand generally have a high commercial intent. They probably already know the brand through their own experience or have heard about it from someone reliable.

It is important to implement the best SEO strategies with one of the main ideas on geo-targeting. That being said, it should be understood that local SEO is a long game and involves constant testing and optimization. When you have got a detailed SEO website audit, it will help you understand the branded searches and eventually create and adhere with your SEO plan that can yield better traffic and conversions.

Carney’s strategy for a successful local SEO-

• Create optimized alt tags and filenames for your brand images. This applies for everything including brand’s name, product or service names. Increase the relevancy by adding specific characteristics such as model, color, size, or gender

• Verify and optimize the local business listing on Google. There are constantly some or the other updates and most recently there are sections like Google Local Posts, services list, booking button feature - all of which can drive traffic from local and map searches

• Develop mobile-friendly website design

• Add local schema to the existing website

• Work on improving the page loading speed for best results and revenue

• Add all the necessary branded keywords to your landing pages, business reviews, business description on Google local, and localized content

• Link building with high-quality websites keeping in mind your local area and niche

• Get online reviews for your business

For an optimized local SEO, you should stay focused on what the local market wants and what the target customers are searching.


This is definitely an obvious and traditional SEO strategy. Building brand awareness is all about increasing the recognition of a brand. In the online market space, it is only possible with the strategic link building from the SEO experts. There is still a much prevalent belief amongst link builders that creating thousands of links from vivid sources is one of the best practices. With the concept of guest blogging as a link building tactic, this is not going to go away anytime soon.

In reality, it is any time better to have multiple links from a few link sources that are trusted than having plentitudes of one-off links from sites that doesn't hold much value.

But there is one more crucial part of link building; that is, through relationship building. When you focus on building signals that strongly indicate relationships, it's arguably the most powerful off-site signal to create. When some influential entities vouch for your brand (through social shares, or even unlinked brand mentions), it creates a sense of authentication. And this validation is trusted by search engines. When done consistently, it impacts people to see your brand as an authority and keep it in the credible list of brands in your industry.

How is this done, you ask?

To make the process actionable, firstly you need to identify and make a list of the top domains that are relevant in your industry. Carney team looks into those that have high search share. There are trusted tools such as Google Search and SEO Quake to make a list of well-performing sites. Once done, your brand needs to penetrate the high authority sites from the first 50 websites on your list and remain a consistent contributor. When rightly done, it will start engaging the existing communities. The process gains momentum is there is regular participation in collaborative tasks, such as inviting them to publish content on your site which can help draw more traffic (and links). This aids in exponential improvement of the brand. It has been tried and tested that this process makes the latter part of the link building campaign less stressful.


Stalking is great specially if you are doing your target influencers on social networks! This helps to gather note of the topics/ideas that engage and involve the mindset of the same set of customers. Understanding your customers and their interest is vital which is best left to the experts. This helps to effectively approach your content development efforts and as a result can make your content read, shared, and linked to.


Enhancing a website through the SEO techniques is not a quick or flippant task. It needs determination, to say the least. And to get the optimised solution, it requires consistent and thorough work.

One of the best practices is scheduling content. It’s necessary to have a steady influx of valuable content as consistency and longevity are the keys here. The SEO master of Carney knows what can be the best schedule for writing well-researched content. To achieve this result, the first thing to create is a high-quality content. However, there’s a two-pronged approach in developing excellent content –

• focus on the audience’s demand for fresh, entertaining and relevant information,

• keep the elements such as longtail keywords and likewise in place for the search engine crawlers content

Scheduling Link-Building is yet another way to help with strategic link-building. Alongside the content, link-building is foundational in making your website rank higher on search engines as well as develop on the brand visibility.


Although an integral part of our lives now, social media is still new in terms of leveraging its potential as an effective digital marketing step-stone. The various such platforms has in our public discourse - so whether it is the international debate moderators canvassing Twitter for opinions or YouTube influencers speaking about a quarantine special song, the impact of social media is huge. Recognizably, it presents terrific opportunities for almost all sorts of businesses. And when effectively placed, it can go a long way to enhance the SEO and digital marketing efforts. From helping in building brand presence for new product or service or forming brand equity in a business sector, social media actually influence in improving the rankings.

Carney knows how to leverage the right strategies for your business

You might find yourself asking how Google and other search engines, which do not really crawl the number of subscribers or followers can help in online optimization?

The answer boils down to two things. A robust social media presence promotes authority in a particular sector or niche. Starting from there, consistent and relevant interactions on your social media page and in turn your website, effectuates an impressive reputation. This directs the leading search engines like Google to improve the ranking of your website.

High-quality, apposite and entertaining content adds value to your audience authority. It encourages your followers to visit your website and thus increase the traffic. And, with audience linking back to your website, even of through social media, can help you to accomplish the moot point. Building consistent back links to your content needs some time but once done, there will be a rise in your search engine ranking.

The good news is it doesn't stop here. Social media has the potential of identifying prospects that may be off your radar by leveraging the sheer power of social media ads and massive targeting capabilities. Regardless of the criticism on Facebook and other social networks for wrongly treating the user data, these platforms also added huge value to advertisers.

Making high-quality content and taking advantage of tools like Lookalike Audiences can help you identify warm prospects. With the power to iterate quickly, they are one of the best options when you want to improve the targeting capabilities. The social media juggernauts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offers a wealth of data that helps you make the campaign pitch accordingly.

That being said, the following three steps are essential for social media to help in SEO and brand building -

• Encourage backlink-building from the right set of audience

The best thing to do is to build a strong audience using the platform. Quality content for both your website and social media platforms through relevant resources will help you create a dedicated audience base.

• Get the attention of customers

This is a big part of the social media campaign. Being social can be a great way to get your audience’s attention. So, make sure you grab their eyeballs through proper content, news and updates.

• Direct messages with the targeting tools

How can you break through all the noise? An intuitive understanding of your audience must be in order to provide the content. This involves not just the hard work, but experimentation and taking the feedback seriously.

Carney is riding the social media wave - are you in?

Whether you or a third party leads your company’s social media channels and campaigns, we encourage you to understand the benefits clearly. This will certainly pay off in the long run.


Understanding the requisites of proper SEO strategy is often underestimated by SMEs. It doesn’t matter what position you have in the business, if you wish to expand online, optimization is must. Be it through organic or paid SEO, you have to get branded searches unless you want to lose the potential traffic and conversions. Proper SEO searches can be the last touchpoint for customers. So, get ready to optimize your brand and increase you brand online visibility and presence.

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