What is America?

America is viewed as a civilized society with people from diverse backgrounds in regard to culture, religion and ethnicity. In this regard, issues related to cultural, religious or ethnic divergences may arise hence becoming a threat to the security and the wellbeing of the people. In respect to cultural diversity, American has people from different cultures from different parts of the world. This essay will peek on the issue of ethnicity and insecurity as depicted by The F Word by Firoozeh Dumas and first Writing since by Hammand. The essay will also provide an examination the main author’s arguments and their relation with my dream America. This will involve analysis of cultural diversity and insecurity as depicted in both articles.

Apparently, the two texts The F Word by Firoozeh Dumas and first Writing Since depict the issue of ethnicity and insecurity. Based on the two texts, ethnicity and insecurity are closely linked together such that ethnicity can lead both positive and negative impacts in the society.

According to the authors, ethnicity has the potential to ensure creation of noble ideas whereas at the same time can lead to misunderstanding among people hence insecurity. The author’s argument is based on the fact that cultural differences lead to negative effects such as misunderstanding, stereotyping and discrimination among others. However, the argument from these authors is that people should engage in constructive cultural diversity in order to ensure equal treatment and respect of people across all races. In that perspective, my dream of America is to have a peaceful and joyful country where individuals are conscious of other people’s cultures and beliefs.

The F Word is an autobiography by Firoozeh Dumas who narrates of her struggle living in America. Notably, The F Word approaches the issue of ethnicity and insecurity from an individual point of view. The author notes that the struggle was due to the fact that she had problems with understanding English and had a different name. Like in Hammand text, Firoozeh Dumas tries to bring out the issue of ethnicity, culture. Evidently, cultural diversity can indicated in many different ways such from the language, mode of dressing, traditions, beliefs and religion among others.

Firoozeh quotes her own experiences which she faced in America during her tender age as examples to show how the society was diverse in terms of culture. In her text, the author has the zeal to ensure that audiences are conscious of diverse lifestyles, names, and cultures. I suppose that American can be a very peaceful, conducive and a place for everybody to long for if only people becomes aware of diverse cultures and view all people as the same regardless of ethnic background.

Firoozeh Dumas extensively uses her text to depict how the Americans are not ready for change in terms of how they regard cultural diversity. The author records out how America can be insecure as a result of being ignorant to diversity and failure to recognize people from other ethnic background. Like in Hammand text “first Writing Since”, the issue of ethnic aggression results to insecurity which is closely linked to a particular group linked to a certain culture. Embracing other people’s culture implies accepting change that thereafter brings about development and peace nation. In simple terms, both texts try to depict the impacts of Americans failing to accept and embrace change in terms of cultures and diversity.

Hammand in her poem “First Writing Since” She is against the terrorist activity as she terms it as inhuman action which should not have happened in America which consists of many cultures. Notably, the poet is Palestinian-American hence she belong to a different cultural and religion back ground. When these attack is happening targeting the author was at middle age and thus she was aware everything that was taking place. Hammand regretfully acknowledges that the terrorist was not targeting the Americans but all people irrespective of their cultural diversity. According to the poet, this terrorist activity had a lot of implications not only to America but in the entire world. Hammad in her poem claims that America is facing a lot of insecurity which needs immediate solution in order to restore peace in the entire country.

In general, the author presents an in-depth discussion how people generalize others in bases of their cultural differences a move that should not happen in America.

Firoozeh Dumas main argument is the fact that everyone needs to be conscious and open minded to different cultures. The author believes that there are a lot of things out in the world that have not been explored and heard. She adds that there is no need to undermine a person just because of his or her ethnic background. I believe being open minded about other people’s culture is of great importance as this can ensure a platform to exchange ideas and make America a better place. This can also be a way forward of realizing the dream America. However, it is evident from the both texts that failure to be aware of diversity in terms of cultures can lead to animosity and thus compromise the security of the America.

Hammand in her texts narrates the case of September 11, and depicts how she condemns the act even though it was assumed to be conducted by individuals from Muslim religion where she belongs. By so doing, the author tries to bring out the need to condemn cultural and religious differences as failure to do so have major implications on the security of the country.

Suheir Hammad persuasively in her poem covers the theme of cultural diversity and ethnicity. For instance, she alleges that the terrorist’s activities was planned and executed by Osama bin laden who was an Arab. According to her, the group behind twin Towers bombing belong to her culture but she cannot support the act.

Hammad affirms that people should not be divided by their cultural differences since they have same blood flowing through their body veins. The argument presented in this poem is responses to the American ideological believe which they use to view Islamic in a stereotyping manner. The basic understanding is that American people are not ready to accept people for other cultures since they look down at them. Hammad argument on cultural differences is also supported by the “F Word” from the memoir by Firoozeh Dumas. Firoozeh in her writing explains how she faces a lot of difficulties living in America. For instance, she is forced to change both her name and lifestyle in the bid to get accepted in the American culture.

In her memoir, Dumas alleges that the American people are not comfortable with accepting her culture and as a result they mocked and insulted her. In comparison, the two poets acknowledge that discriminating people along their cultural background in is a barbaric act which should be condemned by all people.

In both “First Writing Since” poem and F Word” from the memoir, there is a broad discussion concerning cultural differences and how American people view it. Evidently, in the modern society people also practice culture differences but unfortunately it creates culture imbalances between different race and ethnicity.

In most cases culture is perceived through individual people’s belief, practices, values, ethnicity and religion among other things. Dumas give an example how she suffered in America since she did not belong to their culture. Therefore, the poems affirm that it so unfortunate that people are mercilessly suffering in the name that they belong to different cultural diversity. Essentially, culture diversity is something that people should accept and learn to live with. People irrespective of their cultural background should apply effectiveness means or approaches of addressing cultural diversity in order to make the entire world a better place which recognizes the existence of all human beings.

Hammad on her personal opinion alleges that a developed and enlightened country such as America should not at any point undermine people due to their cultural differences. The poet also believes that a person’s bad act do not represent the will of other people in the larger community. Therefore, Hammad challenges the generalization approach of the America on basis of the cultural diversity as it was the case of Osama and the entire Arab community.

A tween cultural diversity and how it is closely linked with security matters. In the “First Writing Since” poem the insecurity issue is largely covered by the poem. The events that happened after the bomb attack left people insecure because they feared their life’s was at risk. People did not want to visit public places such as movie theaters since they had widespread fear that there might be more attacks on the way. In her poem, the Hammad connects her argument and the claim through portrayal of how insecurity can be costly to the public and the government and thereafter depict the government publicly pronouncing fight against terror in the cities. This attack was linked to Arabs hence the Islam residing in America felt insecure because they were referred to as terrorists.

In the “F Word” argues that the fact that she was ill treated due to her differences in the culture. The fact that the poet was undermined due to her cultural background made her feel insecure. Therefore, both stories present an in-depth discussion of different perspectives of insecurity as it is evidenced in their work.

On the other hand, my dream America is to make the country a secure and joyful place to be. It is one where individuals recognize cultural differences and see them as opportunities for the betterment of the country. My dream of America is one where people are conscious of the potential of effective relationships despite ethic, cultural and religious background. I believe individuals can tap diversity and make noble ideas out of it unlike discrimination which later bring relationship challenges. Notably, my dream America is full of opportunities and platforms to ensure innovation and a peaceful country. My dream America is grounded on the fact that recognition of individual contributions, significance of diversity and the purpose of cohesive relationships.

In my own opinion, my dream America is closely related with the author’s argument in both texts. This is because the authors try to bring to light the negative impacts of the failure of individuals to be open minded about other people’s culture. In relation to the texts, my dreams aims to instill the essence of individuals being open minded to other people’s culture as a way of ensuring America become a better, peaceful and joyful place to reside in future. Evidently, from this research the author’s argument is based on culture and individual’s perception about other people’s backgrounds. Both “First Writing Since” poem and F Word” from the memoir present an in-depth discussion of different perspectives of insecurity and cultural diversity as it is evidenced in their work.

Hybrid Academic Discourses Trend

In the modern society, the demand of hybrid academic discourse has been noted to be on increased demand due to the urge of diversification in the academia sector. The high trend of hybrid academic discourse has enabled the scholars to look at new and new variables which are more effective and influential. Living in this freedom of expression, society and more people are accepting this type of academic discourse from all kinds of written resource. This is especially popular in international students, because it is much easier for the non-first language learners to express their idea without much worry about the grapholect issue. It is also the first time for most people to get a perfect orientation into this area. This essay seeks to present an in-depth discussion what hybrid academic discourse entails and why it is useful. In addition, how best it can be used in future in different sections or perspectives.

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