Cathi Tinsley

What is the lifespan of a teacup pug?

Small pups are always adorable! As a pet choice, they look cute and attractive. The teacup pug is one of the popular options for several dog lovers. And owing to this increase in demand, several breeders today meddle with the natural breeding process of these pugs. As a result, the health of purebred animals, as well as the teacup pug, is always at stake!

The health condition of purebred animals

Most purebred animals have questionable health! Their lifespan is less than other animals. It is interesting to know that the canines qualified for two separate breeds. They suffer from minor ailments and live more than the single breed animals. Hence, one can understand the reason why a purebred animal is small, has higher health risks and lives less. Not every time can you blame it on inbreeding. So, the teacup pugs and sometimes the teacup canines are known to suffer from small organs within their bodies.

Teacup pugs and health issues

Few of the usual health issues that Teacup pugs suffer from comprise of respiratory problems, blood sugar irregularities, and absence of a balanced moisture quotient inside their body. Naturally, all these health issues lead to a problematic lifecycle and a lesser lifespan for teacup pugs. Are you keen on bringing home a small pug and you want it to live longer? If yes, you can count on the Toy group instead of the Teacup pug. The Toy pugs are known to live longer than the teacup pugs. Usually, pugs live for as many as 13 years. But a teacup pug will have a lifespan of maximum 6 to 7 years.

Every dog lover would want their pets to live healthy and longer! They also need to accept the fact that their pets would have a lesser lifespan as compared to humans. However, if you want a teacup pug as a pet, it's best to be mentally aware of their lifespan and then bring one home.

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