4 Steps To Having An Exceptional Presentation With Google Slides

slides or google PowerPoint has become very common in the corporate environment. After all, it's a great way to organize ideas and tell stories in a sequential way.

But if we only had the good old PowerPoint, today new tools bring surprising features.

One of them was created by one of the biggest technology companies in the world: we talk, of course, Google.

In this post, you'll learn how to use Google Slides to create amazing presentations and impress your business partners.

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How to use Google Slides?

The only prerequisite for using Google Slides is to have a Google account.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

• go to the Google account creation page ;

• enter the requested data and click "Next step";

• go to the Google Docs home page and log in.

Super easy, is not it?

And do not worry, because the service is free.

Once logged in, you just need to click the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select the "Slides" option.

After that, choose to start a blank presentation or use an existing template.

How to create an exceptional presentation on Google Slides?

The interface is very similar to PowerPoint and is not a monster with 7 heads.

Right away, a blank slide (if you have selected this option) is already inserted into the presentation.

Click the left mouse button to modify the title and the title.

Note that, to the right, there are a number of themes already assembled. You can choose one of them or make your own customization.

On the left side there will be a field containing all slides created so far. This is your complete presentation.

When you want to insert a new slide, right click on it and select "New slide."

This command is also valid for "Duplicate" and "Delete" the slides. There is not much mystery.

You can have some fun before you begin your presentation. Explore the features and learn a little more about each of them.

After this, you can begin your presentation.

Here are some valuable tips to create an incredible presentation:

1. Abuse of platform features

Google Slides is an incredible tool.

So, explore in depth everything she offers:

• graphics;

• animations;

• videos;

• images;

• diagrams;

• tables;

• forms;

• questionnaires; and

• links.

2. Avoid putting too many elements on one slide

When designing your presentation, you should also be concerned with the design.

Try to keep it clean so as not to confuse who will receive it. That is, focus on the essentials.

A good tip is to work just one element per slide and focus on what you're talking about instead of having a lot of information on the screen.

3. Insert only the essentials

Very long presentations can annoy the people watching.

Remember that it is only a complement and that the star of the show is you.

So, try to provide the size of the presentation with the time available to demonstrate it.

4. Vary your bullet points

Bullet points are a great format for highlighting various information briefly.

But they need not necessarily be traditional. There are several ways to make them more attractive.

For example: creating a full black and white image and coloring the points that will be explained as the presentation progresses.

Now you know how to use Google Slides and you can start using that feature in your presentations.

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