Herbal Teas: Why Should You Drink Vy Tea?

Humans have used plants for healing for millennia. Throughout the ages, many civilizations have exploited their benefits whether in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, India with the famous Ayurvedic medicine, Peru or China where the pharmacopeia lists several hundred medicinal plants. One of the most traditional forms around is herbal tea. Back on its real benefits.

What is real herbal tea?

Herbal tea is a very accessible way to enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine. It consists of extracting the aromatic compounds from plants by different preparation methods such as maceration, decoction, or infusion of plant material (fresh or dried flowers, stems, roots, leaves) generally in hot water.

As long as the plant is of good quality, herbal tea is a fairly reliable therapeutic tool. Whether the plant material is fresh or dried, cells know how to maintain their integrity in the absence of water: a process they use in particular in anticipation of periods of drought.

They, therefore, retain their content inactive ingredients for a long period of time and protect them from mechanisms liable to alter them, such as oxidation. To be convinced of this, just crumple lavender flowers or a dried mint leaf between your fingers and smell the aromas that emerge: these are the volatile principles (and in particular essential oils). The roots stem and seeds also preserve them better than the leaves and flowers.

Why should you drink Vy tea to lose weight quickly?

Drinking tra giam can Vy Tea quickly is an increasingly widespread practice. First, it should be noted that it contains no calories and therefore will have no impact on your energy balance for the day. But it is also rich in beneficial ingredients (caffeine and catechins), which help regulate and energize the body , in particular by slowing down the storage of absorbed fat . Vy tea also acts as an appetite suppressant, it increases the feeling of fullness by swelling the stomach. In case of hungry, it is ideal to avoid cracking and to repel hunger. As it comes in a multitude of varieties and aromas, it also allows you to vary the pleasures and reduce the weariness that can be experienced during a diet. It should also be noted that it helps to drain and that it promotes digestion. All these actions combined make it an excellent asset for shedding extra pounds . Obviously, its consumption must be associated with a balanced diet. If you eat in any way throughout the day, it unfortunately won't work a miracle!

The reasons for the slimming effects of consuming Vy tea would therefore be:

Vy tea boosts metabolism and increases basal metabolism

• Vy tea has a diuretic effect

• The chemical and bitter composition of Vy tea greatly reduces the craving for sweetness

• Vy tea helps reduce the absorption of fatty acids in the stomach and intestines

• Vy tea helps regulate and cleanse the intestinal flora

• Vy tea reduces the activity of enzymes involved in the metabolism of triglycerides, enzymes called lipases

• Tea promotes hormonal regulation (hyperestrogenism)

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