How to Launch a New Product on the Market

Do you know the feeling that you have forgotten something? I can’t bear this feeling, the feeling of monotonous uneasiness, and therefore I constantly use check lists, and from year to year, I improve and supplement them from project to project. Below I present you an overview of the necessary measures to launch a new product on the market. Keep in mind that after working for more than 13 years in the concerns, I could not miss the steps that are necessary for successful work within the concern.

Of course, such a review is not a turnkey solution. It presents a set of measures that must be individually filled with creativity and tailored to a specific product and market. Each company has its own values, its own style, and its own goals, but the measures that need to be used remain basically the same. Product agency can also help you in this process according to your company.

Each marketing campaign for launching a product can be divided into three stages: preparation, planning, and execution.


During the first stage, marketing collects all the information about the market, product and customers, which will subsequently be needed to plan the campaign. In some companies, marketing takes on some of the tasks and, for example, conducts market analysis or competitor analysis. In others, such tasks are handled by the product development department.

During this time, very close collaboration is needed between product development, sales and marketing departments. It is from them that you can get information about the product, the situation on the market and customers. Marketing should go even further and, based on the classical analysis of competition, make an analysis of the marketing of competitors: see how they work, what kind of marketing measures they use.


At the planning stage, marketing must make some basic decisions. They relate to the role of the product in the market: will it have its own brand or will it be integrated into the existing product structure?

Further, depending on the goals and the timing of achieving the goals, it is necessary to decide which marketing method to use: content marketing or classic marketing? Further, based on the client’s profile, his path is developed (see “Client path in B2B”), which helps not only understand his behavior and preferences, but also select the necessary measures for the campaign.


At the last stage, everything happens very quickly and in parallel. Therefore, when planning you cannot forget anything. Otherwise, you lose speed and quality at runtime.

Before the official launch, a product website should be created (either your own or a page within the corporate website). Then begins communication with employees, customers, partners and the press. Meanwhile, the necessary materials are being created to support the sales team, such as presentations, brochures, and telemarketing scripts. Then comes the time of the actual launch of the product.

The launch process itself, especially in the field of B2B, often occurs during a trade show or at its event. More modern is the launch of the product online and on social networks. These channels offer more opportunities for creative ideas and reach a large audience. In addition, if the product is interestingly staged, these materials can be viewed later.

Of course, the product will continue to be presented at fairs or inventory. At best, he will even receive an award for innovation. And, of course, do not forget my “favorite topic”: brochures, flyers and other printed materials. They all have to be produced.

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