Chris Bateson

Signs that Your E-Commerce Platform Needs an Upgrade

E-commerce is a tricky world to be insured, it is a highly rewarding business endeavor, but the path to success is mired with various questions and choices that can make or break the company. For example, the platform you use for your e-commerce business; when you start the market, you pick the one that seems to check all the boxes — the best option you can find, yes? But as time passes and your business evolves, you find yourself in need of features or functionalities that your current platform may or may not offer.

So, should you look for updates to your current set up or should you ditch it entirely and look for a completely new e-commerce platform for your business? See, this question may seem simple enough to the layman, but we can assure you that it is anything but straightforward. And as technology continues to evolve and establish new benchmarks at a rapid pace, the question ‘Does your e-commerce platform need an upgrade’ can be rendered both urgent and confusing. And considering just how crucial a decision that can be, we put together a list of the top signs that mean your platform needs an upgrade.

1. Growing costs: What good is a resource that drains the business of all its profits, right? So, if you find yourself pouring more and more money into the platform, more than what one may deem necessary, you know something is amiss. And not just that, if using the platform means paying through the nose for things like subscription, commission, and more in addition to maintenance expenses, it is about time you start exploring your options.

2. Subpar customer experiences: The entire premise of pretty much every business in the world is to ensure customer satisfaction, which means you need high-quality customer experiences. It is especially true for e-commerce since the key goal here is there convenience. So, if your platform is anything but absolutely seamless and intuitive for your customers, know that you need to ditch the platform, or you risk losing customers, including your most loyal ones.

3. The platform is impossibly hard to scale: The rule of thumb when it comes to e-commerce platforms is that they must be able to scale without a hitch. It is crucial because if the system can’t support your e-commerce business's growth, which is the ultimate goal for any business, it will end up impeding it. So, say if the pages load painfully slow, there’s much downtime, and far too many errors than is acceptable, you need to do away with your current platform, no doubt about it.

No doubt, figuring out the need for an upgrade can be a complicated endeavor. So, if you feel you need some assistance with that decision or with just the upgrade process, we recommend getting in touch with a trusted vendor who provides custom eCommerce website development services, for their expertise can be invaluable to the entire process.

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