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6 Factors to Consider Before Buying LED Flood Light

LED floodlights have revolutionised the lighting industry. In Australia these are the top choice for energy efficient lighting solution, and the top pick for illuminating any outdoor spaces. When starting project, you might wonder if LED floodlights are the right choice for you. That’s why we’ve put together the six factors you need to consider before you start your shopping.


LED floodlights come in a range of different prices and sizes. Before you buy, it’s important to have an idea in mind as to what atmosphere and purpose you want your lights to bring to your space. Despite what you may be thinking these fixtures don’t just come in handy for huge outdoor events. For example: the smaller ‘shoebox LED floodlight' is the perfect solution for your car park or courtyard security. Planning how many lights, and the types of fixtures you need before you start shopping can help you save. You’ll also find a range of wholesale LED lights online, so shop around till you find what fixtures best suit your space.

Another important factor to mention is, the comparison to the cheaper halogen floodlight. Why you may feel like you’ve gotten a better deal, LED floodlights will save you more in the long run. Statistics state that LEDs use about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs and last 5-10 times longer.


Your LED floodlights will often come equip with either a Photocell or IR sensor. A photocell sensor will operate based on the time and sensitivity of natural light. Meaning that they will automatically turn on at sunset and turn off when the sun rises. An IR sensor on the other hand, reacts to movement. Turning on or off to your presence. Always keep these in mind when looking at LEDs as the purchasing the right sensor can save on energy costs.

Beam angle

Beam angles determine exactly how much area your floodlight will cover. A beam angle anywhere between 4°-9° will produce a spotlight effect, while a 50°-120° angle will offer wide coverage. Make sure you ask if you’re unsure of exact angle beams your floodlight can possess.


When it comes to buying LED floodlights, it’s important that you buy them from a well-know LED floodlight company. Ensuring proper installation is crucial for the safety of your home or business. This also will mean that you save in the long run. As proper installation can half your energy and maintenance bills.

Colour temperature

Colour temperature can range from a cool blue, warm yellow or bright white light. This is important to consider when picking your LEDs as different temperatures produce different atmospheres. If you’re looking for security, it's better to go with something with a 5500K (Kelvin) light. If you want a more natural and warmer application, 4000K is the light for you.

IP Rating

LED floodlights are extremely durable when it comes to long term use. To ensure you getting the most out of your purchase, look for floodlights with higher IP ratings. This translates to a lower chance of dust and water damage to your fittings. The suggested IP range is anything higher than 65 and no less than 54. Although it’s difficult to damage floodlights with external shocks, impacts, or vibrations be sure to check that your product has good impact protection or IP rating.

So whether you looking to secure your home or light up a footy field be sure to consider all these factors before purchasing your LED floodlights. Find what sensor, color temperature and fixture works best for your space and lighting needs and always remember to buy from a reputable source. Ensuring proper installation of your LEDs.

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