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4 Moving Myths on the Internet You Should Stop Believing

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False information and farfetched stories spread across the Internet every day. Most are relatively harmless, providing entertainment to those who happen to read it, while some can affect the person’s current situation so much that it can even prevent them from accomplishing their goals properly. Myths are so rampant, in fact, that even topics about moving now have myths of their own. Movers in Southeast Michigan, for example, would sometimes have requests from people asking if they are able to move anything, including those considered unethical or even illegal. When asked, these customers would sometimes state that they got the information from the Internet.

There are multiple moving myths out there but this article will focus on 4 main myths that usually surface from the Internet and discuss why they won’t hold true in real life.

First up is the DIY moving price myth. They say moving becomes cheaper when you do it yourself. Now, this might be true when moving two or three boxes; however, it does not hold true when it comes to moving all the contents of your house. Think about it, the contents of your house will not fit in the back of your truck, let alone your sedan. You would have to do multiple trips from your old house to your new place before you are able to move everything safely. That simply spells gas money down the drain. What’s more is that you’re already shortening the lifespan of your car by loading a ton of materials in the back. The shock absorbers alone would cost you a pretty penny if it ends up damaged because of all that weight. This doesn’t even include the health hazards of doing DIY moving.

Putting everything in boxes you got from the grocery is another myth that proves to be inefficient and potentially destructive for your items. Some boxes are suitable for your fine china as these boxes provide cushioning and divisions to keep your ceramics from getting scratched. Try placing those on cardboard boxes and you may end up with broken plates and dreams in the process. Moving companies these days offer a wide selection of boxes and protective wrapping that you can rent or avail of when you employ of their services. Movers in Canton, MI, for example, provide specialized wrapping for appliances and furniture to ensure that they do not break or get scratched during the transportation process.

Why go doing inventory, you know your own stuff, right? Wrong! It’s never a bad idea to start organizing your things before moving. It saves you a lot of time going through room after room trying to find an item you thought you haven’t packed yet while in fact, it is already inside one of your boxes. It also saves you time looking for an item when unpacking in your new home. It’s not difficult to be organized; just make a checklist of all the things you need to pack and cross them off as you go along. Don’t simply throw everything in random boxes until you think all of your items are packed. You may end up going back to your old home just to check if you didn’t miss packing it.

And no, Movers will not be able to move anything. Movers are highly sophisticated and are able to move tons of material from one place to another. But don’t expect them to willingly move illogical, unethical, and illegal material. They also have to abide by state regulations to move legally. You cannot expect them to move all your items at once especially if you only paid for a single truck and your load is equivalent to three. They also do not move contraband or any other illegal material from one state to another. Some states, for example, allow the use of Cannabis. Now it might be legal to grow plants in that particular state but it might not be legal to move it outside the state line.

The next time you read something off of the Internet, take it with a grain of salt. Most of the information you read on the Internet, especially those you read from incredible sources could lead to you having more problems than solutions. Movers in Canton, MI state that when it comes to moving, it takes a bit of research, coordination with a good moving company, and some common sense to ensure that your moving experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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