Christine Frantz

Five Moving Mistakes Nobody Should Make

Even the best movers in Canton, MI make mistakes. People can’t account for every possibility there is. However, it is best to minimize mishaps by avoiding common pitfalls in moving. Some of these are commonsensical, but others might take a little more planning and thinking.

Here are some things that one would be best off not doing. Remembering the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is also a good thing.

1. Scheduling Poorly

Despite one’s best efforts, moving day is still going to be a hectic rush. It is best to avoid needless panic by planning things ahead of time. Homeowners should know who the movers will be, when they will arrive, and where everything will go. If possible, they can communicate with their movers and take a few hours in the new house or business, and note where everything will go.

Additionally, it pays to schedule a move on an opportune time and date. Some people schedule moves on foreclosure day, but this day means that most movers in Canton, MI are in demand, and most likely will be more expensive. A better alternative would be to choose a day where less people are planning a move. This makes things easier for both the moving company and the client.

2. Underestimating

Never underestimate the power of a simple tool, says Australian radio host Craig Bruce. Or in this case, enough packing tape.

Underestimating the situation always leads to ruin. Oftentimes, people fail to get enough because they only budget for “just enough”. While this is meant to be economical, this doesn’t account for emergencies or miscalculations. Homeowners can easily miscalculate the amount of plastic sheet a sofa needs, or just how much bubble wrap a device needs. Worse, this type of budgeting does not account for emergencies. Materials might get destroyed, items might get damaged, and it might be time to call on rolls of extra duct tape and rope.

It does well for a homeowner to plan ahead and have a set of fallbacks for emergency. There should be more than enough packing tape and plastic sheet to go around.

3. Forgetting to keep important things at hand

Smart homeowners don’t pack everything into the van. Essentials like toiletries, baby bottles, extra towels and clothes should be kept in a bag nearby. It is important to also have a first-aid kit nearby, and not neatly tucked into the back of the moving van.

Jewelry and small valuables should also be kept on one’s person. These kinds of things are not easily accounted for during a move, and may be lost in the sea of boxes and packing tape. Keeping them somewhere close may save a homeowner lots of money.

4. Forgetting your pets

Moves may be stressful for the humans, and doubly so for pets. They usually don’t understand what is going on, even though we try to explain it to them (for some reason). Therefore, it is important to make sure that the furry ones have a good supply of water and air during the move, as they overheat easily. Fish, reptiles, and amphibians may require constant care during the move, as these cold-blooded critters may react badly to heat and extreme cold.

It is also important to make sure that cats, dogs, and other mammals have the latest vaccinations. For more information, it is best to ask a veterinarian.

5. Not backing up electronics

Someone who knows how to keep their desktop computer properly packed and cushioned deserves a pat on the back. However, even the most well-planned moves can go wrong, costing a techie member of the family to lose valuable data. A good way to avoid this tragedy would be to upload everything into a cloud, or use a software backup. Most modern-day operating systems carry some kind of backup system that can be used before the move.

These pointers might not completely eliminate the possibility of things going wrong. But it pays to be prepared. Remembering to cover one’s tracks and staying on top of things not only minimizes risk, but also makes the moving process easier for everyone involved. Not only does one make their lives easier, but they also make the jobs of movers in Canton, MI a lot safer.

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