Christine Frantz

Global Tile Use: From Ancient to Modern Times

Tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles, CA has now become a staple for almost all households. Homeowners prefer to utilize these service providers as they do not want to mess with their precious stone surfaces. We can’t blame them, those stone surfaces nowadays can cost a fortune. Some stone tiles and surfaces may even reach up to around 30 dollars per piece. Some surfaces aren’t even made up of tiles anymore. Some are made up of whole blocks of stone and those can reach up to 2000 dollars at least. Even with such extreme prices, people still buy these tiles because they make the household that more appealing. With a good tile piece, the resale value of house increases. It’s not difficult to see why people still shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars to buy, install, and maintain one of their houses main features.

But where did the tile come from? And who uses it? To answer that question, we have to go back to the beginning.

The Babylonians are considered to be one of the first inventors of tiles. They used clay mixed or painted with various minerals and molded into different shapes and sizes. They then bake these clay pieces until it becomes rock hard. These tiles were used in various architectural designs and concepts, mostly for influential people and politicians at that time. The Egyptians also made a variant of their own at the same time. Some of these tiles line the walls of pyramids and tombs. You can still see some of these tiles if you happen to visit these ancient Egyptian areas (if you have the clearance, that is).

The Chinese are credited for being the first civilizations to use ceramic tiles for their roofs, the manufacturing of these clay tiles was similar to the famous terracotta warriors you still see today. These tiles were usually utilized in places where rains were common. The ceramic tile proved to be of great use as they were able to deflect water well and its maintenance was at a minimal, unlike the usual heath leaves that needed to be replaced every now and then.

If you have been to ancient mosques and other religious places in the Middle East, you may have noticed other than the fact that the whole place is adorned with lavish tiles and designs that they do not depict any other living creature. This is due to religious beliefs but this article won’t tackle much about it. Instead, they use various designs and shapes that for them, depicts the divine. That’s why one could see various mandala designs and circular patterns all over these temples of worship. Because of this religious influence, the tiles industry has evolved from being simple color clay materials to more complex shapes and forms.

Europe began adopting the same concept of the Chinese in the construction of buildings. They have become a staple in Mediterranean areas, such as Italy and Portugal, that most of the villages you see have clay tiles for roofs. This is because clay does not contribute to the heat in a building but instead, it keeps the building cool despite having the scorching heat of the Mediterranean sun beating down on the building itself.

The tile has also become a staple in modern hospitals as ceramic tiles are relatively easy to clean up. Maintenance personnel would simply wipe off any debris off of the tiles. This has become a staple in the medical industry as it provides for a cleaner environment to work on. Tiles are also a common sight in markets and delis as any liquid materials would just simply run down and not seep into surfaces, making it easy to clean off. Take note of this advantage the next time you decide on installing a surface that’s easy to clean.

Tiles are so widely used until today that a lot of businesses have emerged to service this commodity. Tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles, for example, depends on, well, the presence of tiles. Without this, their services wouldn’t have much use. Even so, these businesses are confident that the world won’t be seeing the tile industry’s exit anytime soon.

Whether it’s for religious purposes or for practical ones, tiles have been an integral part of our everyday lives. There is no denying that tiles are so important that it revolutionized the way we live. From roofing material to religious representations, tiles have been used and are still being used in our society. Even businesses and services, such as tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles, owe it to the invention and versatility of the tile for the success of their business.

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