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Health Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Since people spend a lot of time in their homes, they should naturally promote good health in every part of their home. And to enforce positive health effects, it is best to have tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles on a regular basis. This is because you can find dirt and grime which can get smudged onto the surfaces and settle into the grout lines. Although with proper cleaning, there will be no fibers to catch pet dander and any substances hidden beneath the surfaces.

Below are some of the health benefits of why you should have regular professional tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles:

• Healthy Home: The home is intended to be a safe place, which is why you want harmful germs and allergens to stay away from it. When these contaminants build up, it can put your family, guests, and pets at risk. Tile and grout cleaning from chem-dry can remove 98.6% of the bacteria from tile, stone, and grout. Plus, with an applied sealant during the cleaning process, your tile and grout can better block out any germs and be more easily maintained.

• Reduces Allergens: Any flat surface can collect all kinds of dust and particles which can disturb the atmosphere of your home and circulate in the air whenever you walk into a room. Too much dust may not look bad or even be visible; however, it can irritate your lungs and be damaging. It can also become a home welcoming to microscopic dust mites. Dust mites tend to excrete allergens, leaving fragments of their bodies which cause the irritation in the first places. If you are sensitive to environmental allergens, then this can make your life miserable. It can also cause you to sneeze and have watery eyes. Even if you are not allergic, prolonged exposures can eventually contribute to asthma.

• Fewer Molds: Mold is known to be a serious allergen. If you are sensitive to molds, then touching mold spores can end up giving you unwanted washes and you may inhale it leaving you sneezing, drippy-nosed, and red-eyed.

• Less Respiratory Issues: Dust and dander are two of the major triggers for asthma which is a significant problem among children. 30% of children are estimated to have some degree of allergies or asthma. Environmental allergens play a big part in the frequency and severity of these attacks. Some of the most common triggers are mold and mildew. Asthma attacks can be triggered if you inhale mold spores and some people become so allergic to the mold that they have shortage of breath even if they do not have asthma. Aside from children, people who have compromised immune systems are targets.

• Improves Air Quality: Since tile flooring can absorb plenty of pollutants and other allergens just like carpets, it is important to go through the cleaning process. Your home should be a breath of fresh air, literally!

• Reduces Slipperiness: There are plenty of areas in the home which can often become slippery such as your bathroom and kitchen. As this happens, dirty tiles tend to lose traction which is particularly true when tiles are wet. Wiping them dry can often ensure that you will feel more secure as you step onto your tile floors. This can help avoid any accidents or injuries.

• Improved Concentration: One of the not-as-obvious effects of living in a dirty and cluttered environment is the ability to focus on tasks. However, with tile and grout cleaning, you will be less distracted. This is especially true for kids who are trying to do their homework and who may have a sensitive immune system.

• Fewer Toxins: Mixing up your own cleaning solution to remove grout stains can be dangerous. With acids and bleaches that can be hazardous to your health, why should you risk it? Professional cleaning services make use of safe cleaning solutions which are created specifically for the job. These solutions have tremendous cleaning power that does not include hash materials that will damage your property or pose a health risk to you and your family.

If you are ready to enjoy all the benefits from above, then professional tile and grout cleaning in Los Angeles is the answer for you. While the job may not look noticeably whiter and brighter, it can certainly make your home healthier and safer for those you love.

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