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What to Look For In Your Moving Staff

It’s easy to look at a list of qualifications and pick out the most skilled movers in southeast Michigan. However, this is not the case in all situations. A moving company may have all the qualifications required to succeed but have none of the inner qualities that make for a truly outstanding company.

If you want to look past the certificates and qualifications, here is a list of things you can look for. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There are far more qualities that can be found in respectable companies. These are merely some of the most easily spotted.

1. Courtesy

It is said that first impressions last. Therefore, a wise homeowner should keep an eye on how their moving company treats their clients. A company that is clearly out to get a client’s money is more prone to backhanded insults and simply talking down their client’s suggestions. A more reliable company, on the other hand, never forgets to treat clients like real people.

Do they treat clients with respect or with condescension and contempt? A company that does not know how to treat their clients should not be the first on anyone’s list. Plus, rude companies are just a pain to deal with, so it’s best not to deal with them.

2. Punctuality

Some people are so punctual that they arrive on the very second that the minute hand moves. Punctuality shows that one cares about the job being done right. It also shows that one is willing to work with the client and not get in the way of their day.

While it is true that some things like minor delays are inevitable, a competent moving company will always inform clients if there is a delay.

3. Efficiency

This is where technique and skill come into play. Competent movers based in Michigan should have a game plan for each situation that comes into play. Heavy boxes in narrow hallways? They should know how to dismantle the problem and learn to overcome it.

Aside from having a solution to various problems, a competent moving company should have a system in place designed to move objects and people in the most energy-saving manner possible.

4. Caution

A competent moving company knows that homeowners and other clients will be asking to move boxes of extremely fragile items. These may include sensitive medical instruments to plates or crystal goblets that no one has used in years. This makes it extremely important for moving companies to treat every box with care.

If something extremely unfortunate happens and an item is damaged, licensed and insured moving companies are obligated to compensate for the damages through insurance. Aside from giving moving companies an additional incentive to keep items safe, this also ensures that clients don’t have to spend a fortune on an accident that wasn’t their fault in the first place.

5. Cleanliness

A moving company is expected to minimize the stress a client experiences, not add to it. Therefore, if a moving company leaves a mess behind at the old site, this creates more stress for the client. It also wastes the client’s time as they would have to clean up the mess themselves. To counteract this, make sure that any moving company is wise enough to clean up after themselves.

6. Lawfulness

Hiring a moving company with no qualms about breaking the law is a good way to get charged for collaboration in a crime. Aside from getting a DOT number and acquiring an insurance plan, responsible movers operating in Canton, MI should also be aware of any laws surrounding their profession. This includes everything from transportation laws to business laws.

At this point, it is also important to note that fraud and thievery are considered crimes. Many moving companies are seen as untrustworthy, and many con artists posing as movers have indeed stolen from clients. So if a company has been accused of fraud or other similar crimes, it may be time to reconsider working with them. If you find yourself in contact with a con artist, the best thing to do would be to get the police involved.

There are other qualities that may fit different types of clients, such as confidence or a willingness to try new things. While these qualities are indeed valuable, it is up to you to decide whether they are the most important to your working relationship with your potential movers in southeast Michigan.

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