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What to Tell Your Wedding DJ before the Big Day

Hiring DJ services in Brooklyn, NY for your wedding can truly make or break your big day; however, you have to remember that it takes two to tango. It is up to you to clearly communicate your wishes and give certain instruction regarding the wedding ceremony. Do not just play it by ear, otherwise, it may not turn out well. The choice of music you have can make a dramatic difference, so be sure to be in accordance with the professionals to make it a day to remember!

If you have decided to go with DJ services in Brooklyn, NY, then this article can be helpful in making the most out of the opportunity. Below is a list of things you should tell your wedding DJ in order to maximize the use of their abilities. This can assure you that your wedding will flow seamlessly so everyone can have a great time.

• Likes: Let the DJ know what your expectations are and what you like. Someone who is reliable will take the time to listen to the kind of reception you have in mind, what sort of music you want, and deliver your vision to the highest expectations.

• Dislikes: Your playlist is an important part of your wedding; however, the “do not playlist” is much more important. Do not hesitate to put down a list of songs which you do not want to be played at any time during the wedding. As much as you want to accommodate any song requests from your guests to keep them engaged, the DJ also has the ability to deny requests if you dislike them. The DJ can simply tell them that those songs are not available. No harm done and no hurt feelings.

• Key Songs: The best DJ’s in the business will want to be filled in with the program and come up with a laid-out form for all of it. This way, everything can go according to schedule. Be sure to inform your DJ on what songs you have picked for all the major moments including the introduction, the main ceremony, father-daughter dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and the last song. Timing is absolutely critical, and not just in regards to the actual day-of timeline and what songs to play. You need to specify what event comes after which, if you want any announcements, and how long the songs should play for.

• Pronunciation of Names: You may have given the DJ your names written on a piece of paper, but just to be safe and to avoid any awkward situations, make sure to give them the phonetic spelling of everyone involved. The DJ needs to know how to correctly pronounce all of the names for the grand entrance introductions.

• Volume and Language Sensitivity: While there may be certain songs that are off-limits, be sure to inform the DJ about any language (dirty words) or volume preferences. As mentioned earlier, the DJ will be responsible for keeping the flow of the wedding, and you do not want this person to say or play something that may be offensive. If you do not want to hear any music that could be considered suggestive, do not assume that the DJ can read your mind, tell them clearly!

• Bad Blood: Unfortunately, some families have some strained relationships between members or friends. There may be divorces or separations among the guests which could cause awkwardness. If this is the case, keep your DJ aware so that there is a sensitivity while interacting with the guests, especially during the games.

• MC-ing: Aside from introductions, be sure to tell your DJ if you want them to MC or not. You may also let the DJ know if you and your fiancé enjoy being the center of attention as this is one of the major considerations when making announcements. Some couples thrive on it while others feel uncomfortable, so do not be shy to give the DJ a heads up and where you lie on the spectrum.

DJ services in Brooklyn, NY can truly make your wedding fun and memorable. By thinking about what kind of reception you want, you will have the ability to tell the DJ the information needed. Remember, they are not magicians and it is imperative to avoid a communication gap.

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