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How to Dry Carpet After Carpet Cleaning

After having a living space cleaned with a professional carpet cleaner, homeowners are left with a moist, damp carpet that can’t be walked on for anywhere from 3 to 24 hours. If you are in a hurry and want to know how to dry carpet after carpet cleaning, just be patient a little while longer. Although these tips will help quicken the drying process, you still need to give it time to fully extract moisture. Walking or lounging around on damp carpet can prevent it from drying completely allowing mildew and bacteria to grow.

How to Dry Carpet After Carpet Cleaning - DIY Drying Methods

Once you have finished deep cleaning your carpeting, it’s important to ensure your carpet is fully dried before furniture is put back and you walk on it.

Allow Air Flow

After steam cleaning the carpet, open the doors and windows in the room and surrounding rooms to allow a flow of air through the living space. This is best to do when it is warm and dry outside. If there is humidity and moisture outside, don’t open the windows, this will only make the situation worse and elongate the drying process.


On the days that aren’t the right temperature outside and windows are not the best option, turn on the ceiling fan in the room or bring in a portable tower fan to blow dry the carpet and dry out the area. If you own a fan that can be placed in a way that the air directly hits the carpet, place the fan in a different part of the room every hour or so to ensure the whole area gets its fair share of air.

Turn the AC on

This is another option in the case that the weather outside is humid and cold and fans aren’t available inside. Using the air conditioning on the fan setting can help speed up the drying of your carpet, however some homeowners who have tried this amongst others, have complained about it leaving a mildew or “not fresh” scent after the carpet is completely dry.

Ask if it’s Extra

Some professional cleaners also offer a water extraction or a “blow dry” to their service for an extra fee. When making an appointment for a carpet cleaning, ask if that option is available and if it can be scheduled the day of cleaning, so the specialist knows to bring all of the equipment when they come.


The exact opposite of a humidifier, a dehumidifier will eliminate moisture from the area and make a clean dry space. Place this device in the room and turn in on high, checking it every 30 minutes to an hour. Be sure to clean out the water that is collected when checking it.

Heavy Duty Shop Vac

If you have a personal shop vac, you can use it the same way you would a vacuum and extract water by putting it on high and going across the carpet a couple of times. It may take a couple of strokes over and over to get it all dried up, but it will be one of the fastest ways to withdraw moisture from the freshly shampooed carpet.

To Summarize

Whether it’s because of it being in a high traffic area, or it is the only space you have and want to use it as soon as possible, try any of these methods to resolve your curiosity on how to dry carpet after carpet cleaning. Helping your carpet dry faster will help you be able to walk on it again without having to worry about debris sticking to the wet carpet easier.

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