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Make Your Own Upholstery Cleaner

Cleaning the upholstery of your furniture might be a daunting task. Fortunately, you can make your own upholstery cleaner at home. It just needs simple, safe and economical ingredients which you can buy at a grocery store. For this just you need to collect the ingredients and get started. Before you start using the homemade upholstery cleaner, first vacuum on the upholstery. By this, you can get rid of spilled solids, dirt, crumbs, pet hair and get it ready for cleaning. By this method, you can wipe out all the debris.

Make Your Own Upholstery Cleaner - Clean Your Home Like a Pro

Method 1

Before you handle the ingredients, wear a pair of cleaning gloves.

- Take a cup of vinegar, one teaspoon of borax, one teaspoon of liquid detergent and four cups of lukewarm water in a bucket.

- Take a spraying bottle and put the mixture in that. Spray on the upholstery.

- Use a sponge to create suds with the cleaner. Then, wipe off with a clean and slightly wet cloth.

Method 2

- Take a teaspoon full of liquid detergent and mix with 4 cups of slightly warm water to make yet another upholstery cleaner.

- Use a sponge to create suds from the cleaning solution.

- Now wipe the suds on upholstery with a sponge piece. Focus on one small area in one go.

- Wipe the area with a clean and wet sponge.

After wiping, rinse the sponge thoroughly to remove all the sud so that the fabric is does not get wet. Repeat the process on all the remaining part of sofa until the whole is cleaned.

Method 3

If the upholstery is made of leather, then do this: Take a half a cup olive oil and a quarter cup of vinegar. Add them together in a spraying bottle. Spray the cleaner on the upholstery. Shine with a soft cloth. If the upholstery is made of synthetic material, take half a cup vinegar, half teaspoon off dish soap, and one cup of water.

Bottom Line

These are a few, simple, easy and eco-friendly ways to make your own upholstery cleaner. The methods discussed here to cleaning upholstery are fast. Mix the ingredients and use when you need at your comfort and convenience. To make the best home cleaning upholstery, it is important to know the cleaning instructions for your type of upholstery.

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