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What Type of Carpet is Easiest to Clean

What type of carpet is easiest to clean? While the answer depends on your living style, opinions across the inter webs generally substantiate Nylon to fare much better than most. Beyond nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and Berber carpets are quite stain resistant and bear a noteworthy texture that’s easy to work with.

What Type of Carpet is Easiest to Clean - Choosing the Right One

What makes a Good Carpet in terms of Stain Removal?

The most important aspect that comes to mind is the quality of carpeting. Below par varieties will give you a torrid time in the washroom but one crafted with a high caliber material provides less hassle in comparison. The definition of quality, in this case, is how dense the carpet is. The right level of density is whereby you can’t see through the material all the way to the back when bending the fibers.

How to best Clean Your Carpet

As a general rule of thumb, the sooner you clean stains and spills the easier it’ll be to get all the contamination out. With the advance of time, stains tend to get harder to remove hence why they should be dealt with immediately.

An effective cleaning routine involves wet-dry vacuuming after blotting up the carpet to suck out as much moisture as possible then scrubbing the area with a cloth soaked in club soda. Alternatively, you could leave your carpet to dry after sprinkling some baking soda on the stain before vacuuming later on.

A Few Pointers on Carpet Maintenance for Extended Use

To ensure excellent longevity, find out the best cleaning technique for that particular variety of carpet or, better yet, leave the task up to experienced professionals. With more sophisticated equipment such as large suction machines and steam cleaning, they are best placed to do a better job than you would.

Moreover, a professional cleaning service is privy to solvent dry cleaning which proves the perfect tool to tackle those stains that just won’t budge. You might think it exorbitant to call in the experts, however, it’s relatively affordable given that carpet maintenance is way less expensive than looking after wood floors.

A Closer Look at Carpet Choices that are a Joy to Clean

1) Nylon, Polypropylene, and Wool

Aside from being touted as one of the easiest to clean, nylon is also lauded for its commendable durability. Polypropylene falls some way short of the former in other aspects but is more desirable for its pocket-friendliness.

Wool, on the other hand, is highly sought after for its dirt repellant abilities, or more accurately lack thereof, courtesy of an almost negligible static build-up property. Expensive proves the only flaw of wool and that can be countered by incorporating combinations with synthetic fibers which also add a couple of years to the overall lifespan.

2) Berber

Textured carpets such as Berber don’t show dirt as much as other types but they can be difficult to clean if they are of a patterned weave and implored in areas of high traffic. Otherwise, they are extremely easy to care for.

While the fiber type- and style- has a major influence on durability, professional cleaning and proper installation also go a long way.

Final Verdict

Back to our question: what type of carpet is easiest to clean? All evidence points to nylon as your safest bet. However, always make sure you conduct thorough research to decide which type of carpet may be best for your needs.

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