Corey Reed

Checklist: 5 Items You Must Have Getting a Puppy

So, you’re getting a puppy? That’s excellent news. But are you sure that you have everything your new dog needs? Let’s go through a quick list of items you should get before your pet arrives.

1. The bed

It can be either some kind of cushion or a crate. A lot of people feel bad about putting the animal in the crate. But if you teach your dog correctly to perceive it as a safe space where nothing can bother or harm the puppy, your doggo will be cozy and calm in the crate.

Make sure you choose the right size of the kennel or the bed. You can find the detailed guides on how to pick the correct option at pet-store. Take your time to figure out the sizes because the dog must have enough room.

2. Ammunition

You most definitely need a leash and a collar or a harness. Researches suggest that the harness is better than the collar because it doesn’t impact the major nerves in the neck of your dog. If these nerves are continuously stimulated with a collar, the animal can become aggressive or nervous and struggle from physical illnesses.

It is especially important to stick to harnesses if you get a young puppy, not a grown-up dog. Collars tend to create a wrong posture of the pup - curious young creature wants to explore the world, and even if you teach it to walk on the loose leash, sometimes it might dash forward to something. Such impact is insignificant if the dog wears the harness, but it is very harmful if the puppy has a collar on.

3. Food and bowls

Ask the breeder or the shelter from where you’re picking up the dog about the food the animal eats. It is better to stick to the kind of food the puppy is used to for a while. And if you want to switch the products, you should change the diet gradually. So get the food your new dog is used to eating before it arrives.

Also, pick the water and food bowls, considering the size of the puppy. Many dog owners believe that the bowls should be raised above the floor, but it’s a misconception. It is much healthier for the dog to eat from the floor level.


Puppies tend to chew on things because their teeth change. So offer the dog something it can chew so that it doesn’t destroy your things. Also, you should get a rope for the tug play, something like a ball for the dog to chase, and a comforting stuffed toy that will calm down the puppy. If you want, you can also get a puzzle game to develop the intellect of your new pet.

5. Poop bags

Last but not least, poopy bags. When you take your dog for a walk, you should clean after it so that other people can enjoy clean streets. Get used to it from the beginning so that you won’t have to train yourself later.

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