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Bumper 2 Bumper: The Garage for The Serious Car People

Paso Robles, CA - There are two kinds of people. Those who like to commute, and those who prefer to be behind the wheel. Now while it is indeed alright not to have a car, there is no denying that in a place such as America, the better and more convenient option would be to have a vehicle of your own. But that doesn’t mean that having your own ride guarantees total convenience. There will come a time when your vehicle would give you stress. Believe it or not, autobody repair in places like Paso Robles, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn’t equate to lunch money. But with the growing need for vehicles, there’s no escaping that variable. If you have a car, you must accept the fact that you will spend, but it also doesn’t mean that what you spend will guarantee top-quality services. Here is where Bumper 2 Bumper comes into play.

Bumper 2 Bumper is a body shop that operates in Paso Robles. Years of commitment and learning has honed them to producing results that would make any car fanatic proud. From paint touch ups to bumper repair, they have the means to accomplish it. You as a car owner can be confident that they will in fact deliver quality work in record time.

Similar to you being on the open road, your car has the same sentiments. Vehicles are meant to be driven and not get stuck inside your garage due to an aesthetic abomination. Bumper 2 Bumper understands where car junkies like you are coming from. That is why they make it a point to provide their services and return your car to the looks that it had when it first came out of the assembly line. You want your car to speak for you. And Bumper 2 Bumper makes sure that what it speaks of is all positive.

Their services are perfect for anyone who has experienced a fender bender, window damage, and paint scratch. Now you might be wondering “if you drive well, you won’t need to experience those kinds of services.” sorry to tell you, but some aren’t avoidable at all. Take window damage for example. Constant exposure to the elements will leave your window permanently hazy. So, when that happens, will you still be able to say you don’t need such services? Exactly!

Other than window repair, there are other services that Bumper 2 Bumper provides. This includes

Paint less Dent Repair – that’s right, paint less dent repair if you haven’t heard of such services, this is where tools such as suctions are utilized to pull the dent back into its original spot. This is perfect for vehicles who doesn’t have any damage on the paint but has experienced a dent nonetheless (yes, it happens, especially for plastic bumpers)

Windshield Repair – this service is perfect for those who have cracked windshields and hazy glass. It is never a good idea to drive with a broken or foggy windshield as it hinders you from actually seeing the road ahead. Bumper 2 Bumper provides windshield repair in your town Paso Robles, so if you have a foggy windshield or a broken one for that matter, drop by their garage at 2605 Theatre Drive, Paso Robles, and California to have your car fixed in no time at all.

Paint Touch-Up – instead of having your whole panel repainted, have an expert like Bumper 2 Bumper do touch ups instead. It’s way cheaper than the standard repainting. And with their expertise, you won’t even see the difference after they’re done.

Bumper Repair – a lot of Americans experience this. From simple back up mistakes to full on crashes, bumper damage is a sight not worth seeing on your car. Not only will your vehicle lose its image, but you are more susceptible to fatal accidents without a properly working bumper. Have it repaired with them and they’ll make it look and function like brand spanking new.

There’s no contesting that when it comes to having a vehicle, it’s no walk in the park. But with a team such as Bumper 2 Bumper you are more confident that if such damages occur on your ride, you know where to go for the best services you have ever seen. Contact Bumper 2 Bumper today at 805-238-1112 or email them at You can also head to their website at to learn more about them and their services. You can even go to their contact us page and fill out the form provided. What are you waiting for? That dent won’t go away on its own. Opt for the best dent repair in Paso Robles, choose Bumper 2 Bumper today!

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