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Top-Tier Towing with SAFE Towing

Cary, NC – When stranded by the side of the road, people often call to unknown forces or the police for help. These saviors, aside from miracles or uniformed enforcers, can also come in the form of a Cary-based towing service, complete with extra fuel and a jump start pack. These days, one can call SAFE Towing and get their vehicle jump started or transported to where they need to go.

SAFE Towing ensures that their rates remain competitive yet affordable for people living in Apex, Raleigh, and Cary. Their services come with a free estimate and no hidden fees. Additionally, they do not only accept payment through cash. To cater to a wider audience, they also accept payment through MasterCard and Visa. This ensures that most drivers will be able to avail of SAFE Towing’s services wherever, whenever.

Flatbed Towing

The team comes with a tow truck that is kept in top condition to serve the citizens of Cary and beyond. These tow trucks come with a low profile bed so that even taller cars can be towed.

If a stranded driver calls SAFE Towing with a specific problem in mind, they can bring supplies and tools needed to solve the problem, aside from the truck itself. If needed, their tow trucks can come with fuel deliveries to fill up an empty tank. SAFE Towing can also bring spare tires, a full toolbox, and a pump to replace tires that have blown out. This way, when SAFE Towing drives away, clients can be sure that their vehicle is in good hands.

Jumpstart Service

Sometimes a car just needs the right amount of current to get it working again. Drivers can count on SAFE Towing to get a car running again, wherever a client may be stranded. This comes in the form of jumpstart packs that zap life back into a stunted battery, which can ensure that a driver can be back on the road as soon as possible. If the problem is deeper than a simple battery problem, it may require further repairs. SAFE Towing can take a client’s car and send it to a nearby auto body repair shop. There, the car can be examined and repaired by trained service personnel.

Lock Out Service

It’s happened to the best of drivers; they fumble and either forget the keys in the car or lose them altogether. With SAFE Towing, any problem relating to car locks is sure to be solved in less than a couple of hours. SAFE Towing is equipped with the necessary tools needed to get through a car lock safely and legally.

Winch Outs

Some of the most awful accidents come in the form of a frigid river. Spring rains can also cause a vehicle to get stuck in mud or a ditch. Simply revving up the vehicle won’t do much in such a situation. In most cases, forcing the wheels to move might just dig the vehicle deeper into the mud or riverbank. Getting a vehicle out of these places would require a service anywhere in Raleigh, Apex, or Cary that offers towing and winch outs.

SAFE Towing can get a vehicle trapped in a freezing creek or muddy bank out in no time. Their vehicles come equipped with all the necessary equipment for pulling cars and trucks out of a tight spot without further damaging it. Their staff has also trained for years in winching vehicles out of accidents.

Junk Car Purchases

If a car is deemed no longer fit for the road, there isn’t much else to do than sell it. This is where SAFE Towing comes in. They are willing to buy totaled cars whether they are titled or not. If needed, they can even buy unwanted vehicles that are still running. Each purchase comes with a free estimate. Once confirmed, SAFE Towing can pay the cash on the spot.

When a driver gets stranded on the road near Cary, towing services are only a call away! They can call SAFE Towing at 919-235-2979. Their headquarters are situated near I-40 West Exit 290 for quick response to any highway stranding. They can take calls and questions from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays. Any weekend jobs can be scheduled by appointment. With SAFE Towing, a driver can take it easy on the road knowing that there’s someone ready to help when mishaps ensue.

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