Corrosion Of Metals

Rust formation is the result of rust accumulation on metal surfaces. It tends to spread rapidly to other parts of the body and is known to be one of the most destructive environmental factors. Rust formation can affect any metal part, whether it is small or big. It is very dangerous as it damages the working of your machine completely and often creates hazardous conditions for workers too. So, in order to prevent rust formation on your metal objects, you must know how it is formed and then get to know how to prevent it.

How Rust Is Formed?

Rust Formation is usually a normal form of corrosion caused by exposure to air, water, and other elements. Rust usually manifests as an orange, brown or red pitting or flaking of the metal surface at which it was exposed. The formation is mainly caused by the presence of Iron, Hydrogen, and other metal oxides on the surface of the metal.

Rusting occurs due to the oxidation reaction. The rust forms at the interface of two metallic bodies. When oxygen comes in contact with the iron, corrosion takes place and forms the black rust. The presence of oxygen can react with the metals and create rust formation. When there is sufficient quantity of oxygen in the metal surface, iron starts oxidizing and produces carbon dioxide and water. The reaction creates hydrogen bubbles and free radicals that damage the surface of the metals. Free radicals have high energy levels, hence can easily damage the surface of the metal.

How To Prevent It?

Rust can be prevented by many ways. But instead of prevention you can always totally avoid rusting by choosing non ferrous elements in your machinery. Or you can use alloyed materials which doesn’t rust. If your machinery has an iron part and got rusted, you can easily clean it with the best penetrating oil which can dissolve the rust.

Now coming back to ways in which rusting can be prevented. One of the popular ways is to use paint. Yes! Just by simply painting your component you can prevent rust. Because rusting can happen only when the metal surface comes into contact with the moisture or air. When there is a film of another chemical on the metal surface, moisture can never penetrate into the paint surface and eventually onto the metal too.

Another popular way used in industries is the process of galvanizing. It is similar to painting but with a specific element called as zinc. When zinc is coated onto the metal surface, the zinc particles react with the moisture and form oxides. This doesn’t affect the metal. Rather the zinc sacrifices itself and protects the metal. These are some of the ways in which you can prevent rusting.

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