What Is The Way Of Functioning For The Industrial Chillers

Knowing the working principle of industrial chillers is important in its proper maintenance. In industrial chillers, the reservoirs are filled with typically either water and ethylene glycol mix or simply water. These fluids recirculate, and the reservoir stays connected to the required equipment, and the power is given to the chiller. A controller regulates the functions of the chiller. The users can set many of the parameters according to the present requirements like flow, temperature, and pressure. There is an internal strainer which keeps the harmful particulates away from the system.

Application Of The Industrial Chillers

Cooling equipment like chillers finds their use in more industries than one. Three industries with the most extensive use of chillers include.

Plastic industries: One of the most common applications of chiller is found in the plastic industry to cool down the hot plastics. The plastic that is stamped, injected, extruded, or blown can be cooled by the industrial chillers. In case of plastic industries, it also cools the equipment utilized in manufacturing processes.

Printing industries: These industries are among the topmost users of industrial chillers. The use of chillers here is in the removal of the heat that is produced by the printing rollers. The machine also helps in cooling of the paper when that comes out from the ink drying ovens.

Electronics industry: The sophisticated chillers are utilized in any high powered electronic devices, for instance, in the machines like PET, MRI used in the modern diagnostic tools. Chillers help to cool down the source of power supply in these machines and also the lasers inside the machinery.

The Different Types Of Chillers

The classification of chillers is mainly done on the basis of their functioning, and as such there are two types of chillers, namely the water cooled ones and the air-cooled ones. Air-cooled chillers absorb the heat from process waters and transfer it to ambient air. Water-cooled ones absorb heat from the process but transfer it to water sources like a cooling tower, pond, or river.

The use of the air-cooled custom chillers is in the places where heat discharge is not an issue while the water-cooled ones are used where the heat discharged like the air-cooled ones will pose a problem. The air-cooled ones need less maintenance but have a bit more energy consumption than the water-cooled industrial chillers in the market.

No matter what industry you belong to, choosing carefully is imperative if industrial chillers are what you need. Even with all the efforts of maintenance, an industrial chiller of poor quality will not last you long. So, choose wisely and research before you buy anyone for your company.

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