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5 Warning Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Installing quality windows in your home improves its energy efficiency, helps in saving energy costs, keeps you and your family safe and comfortable, and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. These windows are designed to last for a very long time; however, after a couple of decades, they start losing their efficiency, develop several noticeable faults, and need to be replaced. The following are handy signals for homeowners wondering if their windows are at the end of their useful lives and wanting to know if they need replacement windows.

Drafty windows

In winter, warm air generated by the furnace or heater escapes via gaps in old windows. These drafty windows also ensure that the cool air provided by fans and air conditioners during summer leak outside. The result is an increase in energy bills as additional energy is generated to compensate for the warm or cold air leaking through the windows. If the areas around your windows are colder compared to other spots in the house and your energy bills keep increasing, then you are most likely burdened with drafty windows and need to replace them as soon as possible.

Rotting or decaying frames

If a window has wooden frames, chances are that moisture buildup over the years would cause the wood to rot. Ignoring a rotting or decaying frame is a prerequisite for bigger window problems in the coming years. Once you notice your window frames are beginning to crack or rot, it’s time to invest in a sturdier and moisture-resilient upgrade.

Condensation or leaks inside the windows

Refusing to replace a rotting window frame, wrong or improper installation of windows, or the gradual failure of window seals usually result in moisture affecting the window panes. Condensation, ice, and frost begin to form inside the window rather than outside. Owners of double-pane windows would find the condensation forming between the two glass panes and as such, impossible to wipe off. If the windows are not quickly replaced, mold and mildew would begin to grow on the window frames, and when rain falls, water leaks from the window and forms a puddle on the floor.

Difficulty in opening, closing and locking windows

The process of opening, closing, and locking your windows should be a simple and effortless one. Windows that are hard to open, close, or lock are among other things a huge safety hazard. A window that is not properly closed or locked is an easy forcible entry point for burglars and intruders. In emergency situations (such as a fire), the window provides an excellent exit route, therefore, if you find yourself regularly exerting a bit of effort to open your windows and/or keep it open, it might be time to start investing in replacement windows.

Low sound insulation

Windows tend to lose their soundproofing abilities over time. Replacement windows are in order if your windows are closed and you can still hear virtually everything happening outside your house.

Benefits of Investing in Replacement Windows

While the cost of replacement windows can shock you, consider these awesome benefits when you upgrade!

• Save money on monthly energy bills

• Reduction of your carbon footprint by consuming less energy

• Increased home security for your home and family

• A more comfortable, draft-free environment

• Boost in curb appeal

• Added value when it’s time to sell your home


Some of these problems can be fixed with a couple of repairs. However, if they are occurring with increasing regularity, then it is advisable and more economical to ditch the repairs and invest in modern and energy-efficient replacement windows for your home.


Dan Hatcher is the owner of Zen Windows Austin. With a keen eye for details and a heart for customer service, Dan’s always happy to go the extra mile for his customers. When he’s not installing windows, Dan enjoys watching the Houston Astros.

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