How to write a book worth a million

Have you ever seen a dream with a fantastic plot? That was probably an idea for a story knocking on your door. It wanted you to give it birth. Exact same thing happened once to Joanne Rowling on her train-ride. She was so excited when she woke up that she couldn’t think of anything else. Luckily, she wrote down her idea about the young magician, known as Harry Potter. This little coincidence had a significant impact on the world. Fans of her books are dread to think what would happen if she just ignored the idea. It was her first children’s book, and even though there were so many obstacles on the author’s way, she made a success out of it.

The stories are everywhere waiting for us to write them down. If you were wondering on how to start writing a book, it’s better to learn now. Grab your inspiration and don’t let it go!

Shape it

There are a lot of ideas. Maybe, you are a lucky owner of one right now. And you’re wondering what to do with it. Your idea for the book can be very abstract in the beginning. So, at first, you will have to shape it. Also, keep in mind, that an idea for a book isn’t the same as a plot of the book. You need to ask yourself questions. For example, what are your beginning and the end of the story? What is the central conflict that motivates your characters to develop? Who is the main protagonist? Why writing this story is important?

You should determine the main idea of the book you’re working on. So, if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks about the concept of your book, you’d better be prepared.

Make some time

You should definitely make a plan and set up a deadline. It might be difficult to find some time in your tight schedule, you will probably need to give up on something. Maybe writing 2 000 words tonight is a better option for you than going out with colleges. So, before you start, ask yourself one fundamental question. How much are you passionate about it? The thing is that inspiration is not everything you need to continue with your story. After all, writing a book is a long working process. It shouldn’t depend on your inspiration only. Treat it as your second job. For example, Haruki Murakami wakes up at 4 am every day and works on his books 6 hours straight. He goes to bed around 9 pm. As he says, he makes his friends unhappy with it. He doesn’t go to parties with them in the evening. His readers are waiting for his next book to be better than previous one. And this is the most important thing for him. You don’t have to do the same but here is a clear message. Make a schedule! You can’t finish your book in one sitting so writing should become your everyday routine.

How to be an expert

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction. You should work on details carefully. It will make your book original. And you won’t be afraid to answer your future readers’ comments. Some people might read your book twice, and you don’t want them to see some inconsistencies. So, make sure you know the topic you are writing about very well. If you write about ancient Greece, make sure to read at least 3 books on this topic. It will be useful even to travel and see the ancient places by yourself. For example, Dan Brown, author of Angels and Demons bestseller, studied Rome very well. Italians even created special walking tours for tourists to the main locations described in the book. He could not do the fact-checking, but he decided to work on details instead.

Once you have a topic, read about it, watch documentaries, ask people, consult with online essay writer for additional information. Being a writer is exciting, you can learn so much!

How not to give up

The dreadful idea to give up on writing your book might come at any point. Our brain is lazy, and it might do anything for you to quit this extra work and watch television instead. In this situation, you should have a serious dialogue with yourself. Tell yourself that you won’t stop anyway even if it feels like your writing isn’t the best today. After all, you can edit it, delete it or maybe it will start making sense to you.

Another great advice is to make a public statement. You can promise your friends and family that in 6 months they will read your book. It will put extra pressure on you, but this strategy works for many successful writers. They usually come to their editors with the ideas and then they are obligated to finish their work on time. You can hire a friend to be your editor who will be asking about your progress. When you write for yourself only, completing your book might take years. It happens a lot, so don’t be one of those “I’m writing a book whole my life” people. There are so many other ideas so being stuck on one doesn’t make you a good writer.

Don’t hide it

A lot of people are anxious about their art. They think it is not good enough, not as perfect as they want it to be. However, it is difficult to evaluate yourself so ask someone else to do it for you. The best option is to find a mentor for yourself. Maybe you know somebody who has been writing a long time. It shouldn’t be necessarily a bestselling writer. It can be a journalist or school literature teacher or your friend who reads a lot. Don’t ask your beloved ones. It will be a lot of pressure for them, and they won’t be able to give a good report on your work. A good mentor won’t discourage you from writing, it will guide you on how to improve your story. If you have support and trust at least from one mentor, it will be easier for you to make up your mind and finally send your piece to an editor.

Your ideas want you to work on them. You just need to believe in yourself. There will always be critics. And this is a good sign. If somebody criticizes your book, it means that this person at least spent time reading it. The writing process might be long and exhausting. However, it is worth the effort. It will teach you, help you to develop. Being a creator rather than the consumer feels so much better.

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