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What’s Involved in a Vehicle Service?

When you take your vehicle to a garage for a normal inspection, this is referred to as vehicle service. A technician will examine your vehicle's condition and inspect parts such as the brakes, oil, filtration, and engine belt for signs of wear and tear. Few things are more annoying on a hot, bright day than being stuck in a car with a broken cooling system. If your car's air conditioning system only vents hot air on hot days, it's most likely because it's short on refrigerant, with a leak somewhere, and you need a car air con recharge. You will learn about several sorts of vehicle servicing and what these services include.

What are the Common Types of Vehicle Services?

The type of service you require is determined by the number of miles you drive each year and the quality of service you received prior.

Interim Service

The interim service, often known as a Basic service, is a temporary vehicle service. It's intended for drivers who travel 20,000 miles or more per year and may require more than one yearly servicing. An intermediate automobile service often includes an oil change, a lubricating oil change, and a visual check of the vehicle's major components, such as the lights, tyres, and wipers. The interim service package includes lubrication of all machine parts, oil top-up for the engines, brakes, and other systems, and a thorough inspection for any oil leakage.

Full Service

Annually or after 12,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, a full car service is required. With a total of 40 points, it has 15 more inspections than the interim service. All of the criteria stated in the intermediate service are included in the complete auto service checklist. Aside from that, air filters are changed, dust filters are examined, and internal, and exterior mirrors, number plate condition, and seat belt functionality are all tested.

Major Service

It's definitely time for a Major Service if you've been receiving Full Service for several years. Because a Major Service is the most complete type of service, a mechanic will inspect all. They'll change major fluids and filters, do thorough safety inspections, update your brake fluid, and even renew your cabin filter.

Why is it Important to have your Vehicle Serviced?

One of the really important reasons to maintain your vehicle is to guarantee that it is safe to drive. There is a distinct contrast between a well-kept vehicle and one that looks to have been ignored. When you need to use the vehicle's market worth to buy another vehicle in the future, you'll have to consider how well you cared for it, not just aesthetically. If you properly maintain your vehicle, it will have a high market value and will provide a higher trade-in value than trash parts. Any seasoned driver understands the need for regular vehicle service. They recognise that early detection and correction of issues may save a lot of money, energy, and, most notably, tension. You won't be squandering petrol like so many other drivers if you have your vehicle maintained on a routine basis.

What Type of Vehicle Service will you Need for your Car?

A three-year lease on a vehicle is common. You'll probably require a couple of interim services, two complete services, and one big service during this period. To eliminate lease vehicle return costs at the conclusion of your contract, check the manufacturer's instructions for your individual model and make sure you follow the proper service plan for your lease vehicle. Vehicle servicing expenses are usually covered when you acquire a vehicle rental service plan. Take into account that a high-mileage lease may necessitate more service than a vehicle with a lower mileage.


The sort of car service you require for your vehicle is determined by a number of factors, including your current mileage, the age of your vehicle, the make and model, and the last type of car service you received. Read out the guidelines to see what an intermediate service, full service, and major service entails, and get estimates from trustworthy garages or dealerships. You should strive to keep your vehicle in good operating order by car servicing.

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