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The Easiest Way to Recover Data from Your Laptop without Availing Experts Assistance

Losing data is not so unusual for laptop users. There are several instances of losing data like physical damage to the hard drive or internal corruptions. Hard drives are often found to be affected by malicious programs on your PC. As a result, you might be unable to access the data stored on the hard drive. Whatever may be the reason, you can always opt for UAE Data Recovery. However, we have discussed the easiest way to recover data in the latter part of this article. Thus, you will have an opportunity to make an attempt on your own.

Possible Sources of Data Loss from a Laptop:

You won’t be able to access data if your laptop doesn’t turn on due to a corrupted Operating System. Again, the Operating System won’t boot if it is having some technical glitches. Hence, you won’t be able to find the required data that you have lost. Data recovery becomes more critical if the data is stored in an old hard drive. It is not the end, there are more instances of data loss that requires advanced technical support.

Explore the Easiest Way of SQL Data Recovery in Dubai, UAE

We have tried to simplify the method as much as possible in the following steps:

1. Connect the Laptop’s Hard Drive into a PC

Check the laptop’s specifications and purchase a hard drive adapter kit. Then, arrange a new laptop if the present one is dead. Make sure that the new computer runs the Operating System similar to that of your affected laptop. The hard drive should have sufficient free space to accommodate the recovered files. Hence, a Windows PC is preferable for this task.

2. Remove the Hard Drive from the Laptop

Unplug the laptop from the power outlet and then remove the battery. Then, unscrew the laptop panel and take out the hard drive. Check the user manual to find out the location of the hard drive. If required, then use a special tool to remove the hard drive. Pull off the detachable adapter over the hard drive interface of your laptop.

Now use the adapter kit to connect the corrupted hard drive directly to the motherboard. Take precautions such as an anti-static wrist band before working with your laptop. Otherwise, static electricity can damage your laptop as well as your hands.

3. Connect the Dead Drive to the Working Laptop

Now you will need to use the hard drive adapter for connecting the dead drive into the working laptop. Configure an ISE drive to ‘Slave’ mode and the configuration will be automatically mentioned on the hard drive. As a result, the hard drive won’t compete with the master hard drive during boot-up.

4. Configure the New Laptop

Connect the new laptop to the power outlet and ensure that it can recognize the corrupted hard drive. Open the BIOS settings and navigate to the ‘Standard CMOS settings’ or IDE settings. Now change all the available settings to ‘Auto-detection.’ Remember that the BIOS settings and menu will depend on the model of laptop you are using. When the laptop detects the new hardware, exit the BIOS mode and reboot the system.

5. Open the New Hard Drive

Go to File Explorer and locate the faulty hard drive on the taskbar. Linux users need to open the Device Directory to find the hard drive. The hard drive won’t be readable if it’s faulty. You will require technical assistance from Data Recovery Dubai to restore data from a damaged hard drive. The hard drive will be readable if the software of your previous laptop was faulty. Proceed to the next step only when the hard drive is recognizable.

6. Transfer Necessary Files to the Working Laptop

Open File Explorer and select those file which you want to recover. Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’ at the same time to select all files. Then copy those files and paste it into a folder of your working laptop. The transfer will take time depending upon the number of files you want to transfer.

Shut down the laptop and remove the hard drive from the new laptop.

Avail Safe SQL Data Recovery in Dubai

You can connect with UAE Data Recovery if you are having a corrupted hard drive. You can also avail our support for reinstalling the Operating System or faulty parts of your dead laptop. We undertake safe methods of recovery to keep the data intact. Moreover, we at UAE data recovery offer a reasonable price for our service.

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