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10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Account Could be Suspended, Banned Or Disabled

Show your palm, Hmm… your palm is signaling that you are thinking about the reasons that could Suspend, ban or disable your Facebook account.

Are we right? We can see you surprised and nodding yes.

You don't have to be shy, as we are here for you.

Apart from the fun part, if you are pondering about what could make your Facebook convert into a disabled or suspended Facebook account then, my dear friend you are on the right page.

So without going another second into the vain.

Let's begin.

Causes that Could turn your Facebook account into a Suspended, banned or disabled account.

Below are the Reasons by which your Facebook account could be suspended, banned or disabled.

Using a False Name.

If you are using a fake name instead of using your real name which was on your identity card, then it might be possible that afterwards, you would have been searching Facebook disabled my account for no reason on the internet.

So it's better to be preventive if you do not want to convert your Facebook account into a Suspended Facebook account.


Facebook takes spamming very severely, so if you are one of the guys you constantly send spam links to, then prepare yourself to see your Facebook account drowning in disabled Facebook account mud.

Dispatching multiple friend requests in mere time.

If you just have arrived on Facebook and are sending too many requests and joining numerous groups in mere time, then be warned as it can turn your new Facebook account into a Suspended or disabled Facebook account.

Exploring Facebook with a fake profile.

Showcasing yourself as someone else, can get your account disabled or suspended as we suggest you use your real identity to stay long on Facebook.

Creating several Facebook accounts.

Stop right there! If you are creating numerous Facebook accounts then, it might give a wrong impression to Facebook that you are some kind of fraud or look suspicious.

If you need two or three accounts for your different businesses then Instead of creating numerous Facebook accounts, you can use Facebook's Page feature to create individual pages for the individual business.

Play smart!

Mass Report by other Facebook users

Facebook delivers a Report a post option to its users like every social media platform, which gives access to the users to report an inappropriate post that shouldn't be on Facebook.

Although some groups use this feature in a vile way to suspend accounts, you don't have to worry as without inspecting the post, Facebook will not make your account disabled Facebook account.

So just be Good, share positivity and you are good to go.

Using Phony Profile Picture

In many cases, it has been seen that users' accounts get suspended or disabled due to using a fake profile.

But you must have been wondering how Facebook would know that this profile picture is fake?

Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company and trusts us they have very competent people and technology.

Utilizing Sole Name

As a well-wisher of yours, we advise you to use a full name including your Name and surname as it gives a positive signal to Facebook that this user is genuine.

We know Sole name could give you attention but also to Facebook.

Logging into a Facebook account from an unacquainted IP address or Place.

Logging in from an unknown IP address or an unacquainted location may end you in doing a security check of your identity.

Like recognizing friends from your Facebook uploads and friends lists, and if you have dozens of friends that you are unaware of in real life, then it creates chaos for you.

Doubtful Payment input

As Facebook has advertisers and promotions, it is evident that it surely will have a Payment option, so it was very significant that you use a reliable payment mode so that it doesn't depict doubt and keeps your Facebook account away from being Suspended Facebook account or disabled Facebook account.


We believe that we have provided you with all probable reasons that arise issues like disabled my Facebook account, suspended my Facebook account for no reason.

We hope that you will take precautions and emerge as a responsible Social media handler.

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