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10 Ways to Fix a Computer that Keeps Restarting

Have you ever faced issues like when you start your device, suddenly it stops and restarts? You will know this annoyed feeling when you yourself experience your Computer Randomly Restarts process. The main reason for people to get annoyed is because your work may be disturbed or the plans you have made to finish the work flow may be affected.

Here are 10 steps to fix the computer that restarts whenever you use it.

So when you face issues like this, at first you must be serious and take this as a hint from the computer to examine it. When you do not take this seriously, the impact on your system will be varied highly.

1. Issues in RAM:

RAM means random access memories, in which if any problems arise it may cause your system to restart repeatedly.

The reason for this issue may be due to the problem that occurs in the RAM or else even because of the accumulation of dust in the RAM.


To fix this you can remove the RAM from its slot and clean the dust. If it still occurs consistently, you can ask for any experts to remove the dust from the RAM.

2. Fault in the Power Supply:

The next option to check after the RAM is to look after the power supply.


Remove the existing power supply and replace it with a new power supply.

3. Fix your Overheat Processor:

An overheated processor can also be the reason for the computer Keeps Restarting.


For this you will have to clean your CPU, along with the fan of the processor and the parts that are nearby should be cleaned up properly. Also check whether the fan processor works properly.

4. Virus infection:

This is the reason for most of the devices having issues. Mainly when it comes to the system being restarted, the probability of your system being infected by a virus would be high.


Reboot or reformat your system to fix the issue.

5. Disable automatically Restarting option from your device:

● Open the control panel and select the system and security option. Then click on the system option.

● From the left panel, choose the advanced system settings.

● When further pages appear, under the startup and recovery, click on settings.

● Then under the system failure, uncheck the box automatically disable option.

6. Uninstall all the apps that you have installed recently from your system.

7. The latest updates on your Windows must be also uninstalled.

8. Check whether the external devices are causing your system to restart.

● You will have to remove the external device one by one and find which device is causing your device to restart.

9. Update all the third-party drivers in your system.

10. Finally you can also try to disable the fast startup.

● Open the control panel and select hardware and sound hardware.

● Click power options from the right side.

● Choose on the option what the power buttons do.

● Then tap change settings that are currently unavailable.

● Finally under the shutdown settings you will have to uncheck disable the fast startup.

You can follow all this when your Computer Randomly Restarts no blue Screen.

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